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How can I renew my New Zealand Passport in Australia?

Can I renew my New Zealand passport when it expires and we're still living in Australia?

Posted by looking-to-move. 64 replies. Latest activity on 07 November 2023.

Can a recently-granted NZ citizen move to Australia straight away?

I'm a UK citizen and have been living in NZ for 17 years as a permanent resident. I've only just applied for and been granted NZ citizenship this year.

Now I'm considering moving to Australia as…

Posted by melb08. 34 replies. Latest activity on 03 November 2023.

Can a Kiwi over 45 years of age become an Australian resident?

I am a NZ citizen over 45 years of age with a permanent job offer in Australia. Is it possible for me to become a permanent resident in Australia?

Posted by rohan. 11 replies. Latest activity on 05 November 2023.

Is 55 too old to re locate to Australia from NZ and will I qualify for an Australian pension?

Posted by greenvan. 3 replies. Latest activity on 07 November 2023.

I was born in South Africa, and am now a New Zealand Citizen looking to move over to Australia. My brother wants to join me there from South Africa - is he eligible?

My father and sister will remain in NZ and our mother still lives in SA. We have no other immediate family. Can you let me know what category visa would apply for this - and if we would be eligible…

Posted by sponsoring-family. 1 reply. Latest activity on 20 November 2010.

Kiwi with Thai wife moving to Australia

Hi I am a New Zealander and I and my Thai wife and my son want to move to Australia. My wife will first use a 6 month tourist visa, after that we want to get her a spouse visa. My question is -…

Posted by eug. 4 replies. Latest activity on 22 October 2010.

New Zealand permanent resident wanting to move to Australia

I am NZ resident but don't hold NZ citizenship yet. What will the process be for me to move to Australia?

Posted by anonymous. 21 replies. Latest activity on 09 January 2019.

I had permanent residency in Australia but haven't been back for 16 years. Will they renew it?

Posted by sunshine. 1 reply. Latest activity on 09 January 2012.

Is there any way to get around the application fee for a Permanent Residence Visa?

I have lived in Australia for the past 7 years on the Special Category Visa (SCV)and have just been made redundant. I am unable to get government help unless I become a Permanent Resident, which…

Posted by frustrated. 6 replies. Latest activity on 10 August 2010.

We are permanent residents of New Zealand and are thinking about moving to Australia

But we still have family in South Africa that we want to sponsor to come to New Zealand. Can we do this if we are residents in Australia, and sponsor them to Australia? Or do we have to stay in New…

Posted by scc1. 3 replies. Latest activity on 02 July 2011.

I am a NZ Permanent Resident (UK Citizen). Am I able to live and work in Australia?

Which visa do I need to apply for?

Posted by sandy. 3 replies. Latest activity on 17 November 2008.

How can I stay with my Australian boyfriend? I am a UK Citizen.

I live with my boyfriend in Australia at the moment. I am 60. Can I stay here?

Posted by bluebird121. 2 replies. Latest activity on 20 May 2011.

Can my mother join me in Australia? She is a NZ permanent resident.

I'm thinking of joining my NZ partner in Aussie - he is working in the mines. I would like to move so my 18-month-old daughter can be closer to her dad. I am a NZ citizen but my mother is South…

Posted by anonymous. 1 reply. Latest activity on 22 September 2008.

How to become an Australian resident

A lot of job advertisements say that you have to be a resident to apply. How do you become a resident when moving to Australia?

Posted by anonymous. 5 replies. Latest activity on 05 July 2010.

If I apply to be an Australian Citizen, can I retain my NZ Passport?

Posted by amanda. 1 reply. Latest activity on 15 October 2008.

Permanent residency for a family with a disabled child

Hi, We are NZ citizens planning to move to Melbourne. I have a 5-year-old boy who has Down's Syndrome. Will we be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Australia? What kind of facilities are…

Posted by sai. 1 reply. Latest activity on 31 October 2008.