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Recommendations for a company to move pets to Australia?

We are moving from Auckland to Melbourne. I have not yet organised pet transport for our cat. Can anyone advise a great company to use?

Posted by mrs-g. 14 replies. Latest activity on 27 March 2024.

I want to ship my car from NZ to Brisbane. How much will it cost?

Posted by nbxz. 46 replies. Latest activity on 31 March 2023.

Where there any household items you were not allowed to take into Australia?

Posted by evelyn-arnold. 2 replies. Latest activity on 26 December 2010.

Is it better to ship your furniture and whiteware to Australia or sell it all and buy secondhand when you get there?

Have any other people you know moved and bought secondhand household goods? Just want a comparison. Kind Regards.

Posted by mum-of-4. 9 replies. Latest activity on 29 July 2011.

What is the import duty on household goods less than 12 months old?

Posted by katiez. 0 replies. Latest activity on 20 February 2008.

How do I go about taking my chef's knives to Australia?

I'm a chef by trade and was wondering how to go about taking my chef's knives to Australia?

Posted by edc. 1 reply. Latest activity on 03 June 2008.

How do I bring my motorcycle to Australia?

I am thinking of moving to Aussie and I want to take my motorcycle over. Is it the same procedure as cars? Seems like a lot of bother. Do I have to own the motorcycle for 12 months before importing…

Posted by adder. 1 reply. Latest activity on 19 September 2008.

Has anyone had experience taking firearms over to Australia from New Zealand?

I am moving to Australia very soon and have a number of firearms that I do not wish to part with. I understand that Australian firearm laws can be quite strict and wonder if anyone has had experience…

Posted by dave-smith. 3 replies. Latest activity on 05 April 2012.

Can I take my chef knives with me to Australia?

Do I just declare them?

Posted by murphy25. 2 replies. Latest activity on 30 April 2010.

How are removal costs calculated? By weight or cubic size?

What is the cost per weight/cubic metre? Thanks

Posted by shaznay. 6 replies. Latest activity on 31 October 2022.

Is it worth selling kitchen items before moving?

We are moving to Melbourne early next year and have decided to sell all our household goods. We have a lot of stuff and it works out to be a cheaper option for us.

Just curious to know what you guys…

Posted by holden1511. 2 replies. Latest activity on 23 December 2008.

What is the duty on a food processor if it's a month old?

I am planning to get a food processor from India. Will the duty on it be heavy??

Posted by foodlover. 1 reply. Latest activity on 13 August 2011.

Did your shipping cost (NZ$1600) include Customs and Quarantine clearance fees in Australia?

And did you have to pay any quarantine treatment costs? We plan to ship our king size bed to Australia but were told that wooden stuff more than 5 years old would require fumigation.


Posted by joan. 3 replies. Latest activity on 22 March 2011.

Does it cost more to ship large appliances than to buy them in Australia?

We are currently contemplating moving our family of 4 from Christchurch to Melbourne.

Being a family of 4 we have invested a bit of money over the years in whiteware and furniture, not to mention…

Posted by cadbrio84. 2 replies. Latest activity on 20 April 2013.

Laws on taking a container to Perth

We are moving to Perth and taking a container with all our furniture and belongings in it. What are the regulations for taking over empty planter pots - and are we allowed to? I imagine that if we…

Posted by lampard. 1 reply. Latest activity on 16 July 2011.

Builder Husband going to Sydney - what's the best way to get his tools over there??

Hi All, my husband has a job in Sydney to go to. As said earlier he is a builder and needs to take some of his tools with him. Any suggestions for the easiest way to get his tools across with him…

Posted by eager-to-move. 3 replies. Latest activity on 13 February 2013.

Importing a television from New Zealand to Australia?

Hi, I'm wondering whether it is worthwhile taking your plasma hd tv to Australia?

Posted by bigriz. 1 reply. Latest activity on 09 January 2012.

Is anyone moving from the North Island to Melbourne with a moving company?

Hi, I've got a few quotes from moving companies but considering I only want to move 3 - 4 boxes and 4 bigger items (printer, stereo, chair (that breaks apart) and puzzle), it doesn't seem worth…

Posted by penpen. 1 reply. Latest activity on 02 March 2012.

What is the best and cheapest option for shipping a couple of boxes from New Zealand to Australia (Canberra)?

I am moving to Canberra soon and I have just a few things I want to take with me, maybe 2-3 boxes. It's not super expensive, more sentimental and I was wondering if anyone has found a company that is…

Posted by corswa. 4 replies. Latest activity on 26 September 2016.

What are the good moving companies for moving household goods from NZ to Gold Coast?

We are moving to the Gold Coast in June and have quotes from several companies and don't know which one to choose. Any experiences would be appreciated to make it easier for us to choose.

Posted by kiwinana. 1 reply. Latest activity on 13 May 2012.