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Creepy Crawlies!

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What about the poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions etc mixed with pets and kids? Has this been an issue for anyone?

My wife and I are considering moving from Dunedin to Melbourne but are a little concerned about the poisonous creatures in Australia. Are we right to worry or is this not an issue?

We are most…

Posted by leaving-dunedin. 29 replies. Latest activity on 08 November 2023.

Are spiders a problem on the Gold Coast?

We are looking at moving to the Gold Coast to live and have 2 cats we hope to bring and 2 young boys...I do not like spiders at all!!!...My sister lived in Sydney and they had red back spiders…

Posted by chelleznz. 11 replies. Latest activity on 23 January 2020.

Where is a good place to live in Perth?


We're moving to Perth in February 09. We are 2 adults in our early 40's and are looking for somewhere quiet by the sea but accessible to the city for work. Can anyone recommend an area/s for us…

Posted by tinggg. 5 replies. Latest activity on 02 March 2009.

Moving to australia at 16 years old without family living in australia or coming with me

i would like to move to Australia in June when I finish taking my GCSE's, I have no relations in Australia and none of my family come from Australia. I am 16 years old and would be moving on my own.…

Posted by fashionat85. 1 reply. Latest activity on 22 June 2017.

Hi we are thinking of moving to Brisbane. I am terrified of spiders. What is the chances of finding spiders in a house and in the yard? Worried that my cats might walk in with a spider sitting on them. Even the sheetweb spiders makes me scream.

And if you find a spider what do you do. I was thinking of running to the nearest neighbour and ask him or her to get rid of it:)

Posted by geitjie. 0 replies. Latest activity on 02 November 2017.

Concerns about the subtropical environment in Australia

Hi, I like in Australia in a economic sense. But just concerned about its subtropic weather, in particular the mosquito-borne diseases (especially Ross River Virus), as well as the termites in…

Posted by frankie. 0 replies. Latest activity on 18 May 2018.