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I am a university student in New Zealand and my partner and I would like to move to Australia

Can I take up study over there the same as I have in NZ, or will I be classed as an international student?

Posted by eldogg. 11 replies. Latest activity on 11 February 2024.

Can Kiwis studying in Australia get any financial assistance? Or am I on my own?

Posted by kiwifruit. 1 reply. Latest activity on 12 September 2008.

Thinking of doing my first year of university in Brisbane

Has anyone else done something like this? Is it worth it compared to NZ?

Thanks heaps

Posted by slim. 1 reply. Latest activity on 28 October 2008.

Can I get a student loan if I have permanent residence in Australia?

Posted by artemis. 2 replies. Latest activity on 09 July 2013.

Are there any computer colleges in or around Perth? If so, can you supply information?

My son will need to complete his final 2 years of a Computer Programming Degree. Can anyone advise where he can complete this so I can contact them?

Posted by ask-the-correct-people. 0 replies. Latest activity on 15 January 2009.

How can Kiwis studying in Australia get student benefits?

If my Kiwi kids want to go to university in Australia there are no student benefits and fees have to be paid up front. Does anyone know where they can get university fees from? We have lived in…

Posted by kezmidget. 1 reply. Latest activity on 05 July 2010.

What are some good universities in or around the Gold Coast?

I am loooking to move into study next year and am wondering what some good universities are on the Gold Coast (if any)? I'm wanting to study business and or fashion design. Also, my partner and I are…

Posted by tracy. 1 reply. Latest activity on 13 March 2010.

I'm a solo mum with an 11-year-old boy and I want to study beauty therapy on the Gold Coast.

Do I have to actually pay for the course myself or can the government help in any way? And is there any kind of benefit I can get while studying?

Posted by kptq. 2 replies. Latest activity on 09 July 2013.

My partner on a subclass 461 visa. Can he study on the domestic student prices (CSP) as well?

Posted by nzronnie. 1 reply. Latest activity on 08 February 2011.

What is the cost of undergraduate education in Australia?

Specifically a bachelors degree if a relative sponsors you?

Posted by anonymous. 1 reply. Latest activity on 09 November 2010.

Do I need to apply for permanent residency to get the subsidy on a TAFE course?

I am 17 years old and have just enrolled into TAFE. I was told that even though I am a NZ citizen and have lived here in Australia for 5 years I have to show proof of permanent residency for the…

Posted by love-life. 1 reply. Latest activity on 15 February 2011.

If I have completed 12 years of education in the British System, i.e. my first year of A levels knows as AS levels, am I eligible to go straight to university without completing a foundation program in Australia?

I have completed my AS levels, which is the first year of A levels, completing 12 years of education at the age of 17. Does that make me up to the mark of the Australian 12th year of education as…

Posted by aaa. 2 replies. Latest activity on 20 September 2013.

How can I bring my child to Australia? Does she have to pay international student fees?

I am a New Zealand Citizen and have been living and working in Australia for 5 years. I want to bring my daughter to Australia to study (she is a Chinese Citizen and under 15 years old). Can I apply…

Posted by anonymous. 1 reply. Latest activity on 21 June 2011.

Can I get PR after 1 or 2 years study in Australia?

I have been working as a Social Worker in an NGO. My age is around 45. I am planning to achieve a Post Graduate degree in International Community Development from an Australian University. Now my…

Posted by anonymous. 2 replies. Latest activity on 05 July 2011.

Where could I find my NZQA qualifications that may be equivalent to Australia?

Or what would I need to do?

Posted by deeman. 4 replies. Latest activity on 29 April 2019.

Are NZQA National Certificates in Health and Safety recognised by Australian employers?

I have NZQA National Certificates in Health and Safety and want to know if they would be recognised by employers in AU? Or do i have to get them cross credited through an AU training provider?

Posted by bandido. 1 reply. Latest activity on 13 February 2012.

Australian Study Fees

I am moving to Australia shortly and looking into study while I'm there. I know I can't apply for a student loan or assistance unless I am a permanent resident. I have been looking at the fee…

Posted by looking-to-study. 2 replies. Latest activity on 04 September 2012.

As a NZ citizen in Australia, will my children have to pay international fees for higher education? (polytechnic, university)

We currently have NZ permanent residency (came from the UK 8 years ago). We are going through the process of gaining citizenship now. Am I correct in thinking that we do not have to pay for my…

Posted by janie. 4 replies. Latest activity on 01 June 2018.