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I want to ship my car from NZ to Brisbane. How much will it cost?

Posted by nbxz. 46 replies. Latest activity on 31 March 2023.

How do I export my cars to Australia?

Posted by zack. 6 replies. Latest activity on 26 April 2010.

Any ideas on how to move a car over to Australia?

Posted by chev. 1 reply. Latest activity on 29 December 2009.

How do I bring my motorcycle to Australia?

I am thinking of moving to Aussie and I want to take my motorcycle over. Is it the same procedure as cars? Seems like a lot of bother. Do I have to own the motorcycle for 12 months before importing…

Posted by adder. 1 reply. Latest activity on 19 September 2008.

How to import a motorcycle to Australia

I'm trying to import a motorcycle into Australia from New Zealand. I haven't owned it for 12 months so is there any way I can do this?

Posted by taurus. 3 replies. Latest activity on 11 January 2017.

Who is the best company to transport our car to Australia from New Zealand?

We are trying to take our car to Sydney and the costs keep going up from the quotes we receive. So we want to sell our car and get one in Sydney. What are some car sales websites we can check? We are…

Posted by pf. 1 reply. Latest activity on 08 May 2009.

Anyone know what the first step is once you get your vehicle through Customs etc - i.e. WoF certification?

Posted by ehholden-fan. 3 replies. Latest activity on 08 December 2011.

How much will it cost me to take my work motor car to Melbourne?

I am on a 457 visa. Please help.

Posted by ivan. 1 reply. Latest activity on 09 November 2010.

How much does it cost to send a Holden Clubsport to Perth?

Posted by trerus. 1 reply. Latest activity on 19 December 2010.

Car importation

Can I import a car from the UK on a student visa?

Posted by pommyspark. 1 reply. Latest activity on 05 July 2011.

461 visa - can I take my car to Brisbane with me?

My husband is kiwi and Im from Germany. I m applying for 461 visa to live in Brisbane. We have a car registered under my name. Can I take the car to Brisbane? Do I have to pay lots of import tax…

Posted by amy. 1 reply. Latest activity on 26 February 2012.