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Posted by chelleznz 16 years ago.

Are spiders a problem on the Gold Coast?

We are looking at moving to the Gold Coast to live and have 2 cats we hope to bring and 2 young boys...I do not like spiders at all!!!...My sister lived in Sydney and they had red back spiders outside on their outdoor furniture so I refused to sit out there..never saw them inside tho...does anyone have a problem with them on the Gold Coast???

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Reply from taurus 16 years ago.

hi moved to bris a year ago and had the same hesitations with creepy crawlies, im, a electrician and thought it would be really bad ,i havent even seen a real snake yet or red back so dont think their is any concern

Reply from menace 16 years ago.

Hi - I'm thinking of moving to Brisbane and understand your concerns about creepy critters. Not to put you off but Qslnd is the most venomous place on the globe - so I ask myself constantly - why go there. My family have lived there for over 20 years and its quite normal to be bitten by a redback (cousin), huntsman twice (brother) and bull / green ants - locals just blow it off and laugh - hurts like heck but no lasting damage. They all just laugh at me when I ask similar questions and say "get over it - you get used to it real quick". Not much comfort but was there recently and after the 2nd day, forgot about looking under the toilet seat.

Reply from mayflower 16 years ago.

I'm arachnaphobic and lived in aussie for 18 months when I was younger (moving over again in january). I never got bitten by a spider my entire time there and only ever saw snakes in the zoo!

I've found more whitetails in my house here in NZ in the same period of time than I ever saw in my entire time in Aussie. The only thing I had issues with was the big huntsmans that would lurk around the house, but even then only because of my phobia.

Reply from horiboi 16 years ago.

Do not worry about snakes or spiders, i recently moved back to nz after living in brisbane for 10 years and the only snakes i ever saw were at the zoo, and yes there are spiders and yes you may see them now and then but from my experience as long as you have little checkos(harmless) you will be fine, they eat all the spiders.

BUT (theres always a but), do not sit on the grass, well be wary of it anyway, they have things called bull ants (10 times bigger than a normal ant) and they will sting you, it feels like a bee sting but slightly worse, just ice it and the pain will go away. good luck.

Reply from susan-in-perth 16 years ago.

If you worried about spiders have your house fumigated inside and out. We are staying with family in Perth and their house was fumigated last week. (They do this every year) I know that Perth only has the redbac and white tail spiders (info from website) and that the Eastern states have alot more creepy crawleez. We did see a few redbacs but they were dead from the fumigation.

Reply from troffy12 15 years ago.

They reckon that there is at least one red-back in every back yard in Australia. In the first week we arrived (NSW Country) we moved 3 out of our bathroom. Have also encountered 4 tiger snakes in the 6 weeks we have been here, but there is no need to live in fear, they will only attack if threatened (although tigers are pretty aggresive)

Reply from debz 14 years ago.

We are looking at moving to the Gold Coast & bringing our 3 cats, how would they go with the bull ants,huntsman spiders,redback spiders etc? cats are so inquistive, would they get bitten if they touched them ?

Reply from anonymous 13 years ago.

Your cat is more likely to be a danger to the Aussie wildlife than the wildlife is to your cat - my burmese has (unfortunately) killed a few lizards, bought home a baby water dragon, and even proudly bought me a small snake once.

We need to keep an eye on our NZ pets (who are used to getting out and about) so that they don't hurt other animals, not the other way around!

Reply from anonymous 14 years ago.

hi we are looking at moving to brisbane from new zealand with our to cats and i am a little worried as they are very adventures cats and woundering if they would get bitten by any of the creatures that are in aussie?

Reply from aussie-lady 6 years ago.

The Gold Coast is crawling with spiders and so is Brisbane. Snakes too. I see them all the time and the spiders are everywhere. Queensland in general is infested with creepy crawlers.

Reply from gold-coast-aussie 4 years ago.

Some of these responses are hilarious. Lived in the Gold Coast all of my life. A Huntsman spider is harmless and can be found all over Australia. They are very common and will not harm you.

If you are moving to the Gold Coast Hinterland then you may encounter a snake or venomous spider. Found more in the rain forrest areas where there is more moisture. If you are moving to a coastal location then your concerns are more in the water than they are on land.

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