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How can I renew my New Zealand Passport in Australia?

Can I renew my New Zealand passport when it expires and we're still living in Australia?

Reply from forum moderator 4 months ago on 7 November 2023.

Most NZ citizens can apply online for both passport renewal and new passports.

You may not be able to renew your passport online if:

  • your existing passport was issued before 24 February 1992
  • your first and middle name are longer than 48 characters (including spaces)
  • your surname is longer than 48 characters (including spaces)
  • you have a diacritic in your name (for example, an accent, umlaut or macron)
  • you wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons
  • you had an endorsement on the observation page (page 4) of your last passport
  • you are unable to sign your passport.

Important: If you are renewing your existing passport then you will not be able to travel on it once you have submitted the renewal application online.

Here is what you will need to renew your NZ passport:

  • a realme login -
  • details of your existing NZ passport - the passport number and the issuing authority (e.g. DIA WLG/Wellington).
  • an identity referee who is over 16, has a current or expired NZ passport, has known you for at least 12 months, and agrees to be your referee (the passport office says they might contact them to verify details of your application). A referee cannot be family or live at the same address as you.
  • a colour passport photo less than 6 months old -
  • a credit or debit card for payment.
  • an address to deliver your new passport.

Start your application here:

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Reply from ryan 5 years ago.

Just renew your passport online through the below website in nz, pay no gst and postage free:

Reply from melbourne-maven 16 years ago.

Yes you can. See this page of the NZ Department of Internal Affairs for instructions: New Zealand has a passport office in Sydney that makes it easier to renew your passport (or attain new passports for kids etc) while you are living in Australia.

Reply from kiwifam 14 years ago.

Yes you can. We have been in Sydney for a year and my passport just expired. We went onto the NZ Passport site and downloaded the Application for New Passport Form - You have to make sure you download the form for your area -for us it was Sydney. For the part where you have to get someone to ID your photo and fill out the page, make sure you get someone in OZ who:

  1. has known you for at least 12 months AND
  2. has a NZ passport - that is much easier.

Otherwise you have to find a person who has known you for 12 months WHO ALSO fits one of the occupations such as JP, Minister of Religion, Teacher, Lawyer etc.

While we were at the Sydney Passport Office, a woman had her Application declined, becos she got a JP as her witness, but the JP had not known her for 12 months or more.

It takes 10 days for the application to be processed or you can pay $324 for an urgent application which takes 3 days. Becos I had proof of a close family bereavement in NZ and my flight was booked that evening (to fly with other family members) they waived the 3 day requirement and processed my application that day!!

Reply from sunnyqld 8 years ago.

We renewed our passports online its easier. Its a bit cheaper too. I just googled it, cant remember the website. Its best to renew before your passport has expired. (thats a heads up for all your documents, drivers licence etc its easier to keep them up to date ) You are even given instructions on how to take and upload your own paasport photo and the website tells you if the photo is acceptable.
You will have the passport within 3 days, which for those of us who've been here awhile is absolutely amazing. Nothing happens here that fast.

Reply from lita 8 years ago.

Just want to ask, I am a New Zealand passport holder but its already expired long time ago and I'm now planning to apply for Australian Citizenship. Been here in Australia since I was 10 and now I'm 44. But I didn't apply for my Australian citizenship before. Now just want to ask if I can apply for Australian citizenship and then renew my NZ passport and travel using my NZ passport?

Reply from anna 8 years ago.

Hi Lita, as long as you have held a NZ passport at some point in your life, you should be able to get another. Australia and New Zealand have a dual citizenship agreement so you can have both passports. You might want to check on whether you can simply renew your NZ passport or if you need to reapply for a new passport. It depends on how long it's been since it expired. Hope this helps!

Reply from lita 8 years ago.

Hi Anna, I'm planning to travel abroad but my NZ passport is expired. If I renew it and travel abroad, do you think I can still get back here to Australia? And apply for Australian Citizenship? Someone told me that I cannot apply for Australian Citizenship once I travel abroad using my NZ passport. Thanks!

Reply from claudia 8 years ago.

Hi my New Zealand passport has been posted to my Sydney address. It was supposed to go to my home address in Brisbane. How do I get them to send it to my address as soon as possible due to travel next week?

Reply from david-j 8 years ago.

Hi, I am living in Australia since 1993. My New Zealand passport expired 2003. CanvI just renew it or do I have to apply for a new passport? Thanks

Reply from linn 8 years ago.

Can you use someone, such as a Registered Nurse, to ID you?

Reply from eleanor 8 years ago.

Hullo ! Trying to get me a renewal passport within the three days if possible ? As my mother is not doing so well & im not sure how long for ? But her health has deteriorated & may only have weeks to live ! & now my other problem is I cannot find my old passport which was valid from Nov 2004 - Nov 2014 ! It is miss placed in my house not lost ? So plz what do I do can you help & im wanting to do all this on line ? If that is possible at all!

Thankyou Ms Eleanor Taituha from Melbourne.

Reply from jacqueline 8 years ago.

Kia ora My cousin is living in Melbourne Australia , her passport expired on 16th May 2016 could any please explain to me how to go about renewing her passport please thanks :)

Reply from graham 7 years ago.

I am a NZ citizen and a permanent resident in Australia living in a retirement village. My NZ passport is due expire on March 09 2016. I plan on visiting NZ for about two weeks Nov/Dec for my brother's 90th birthday (Dec 3rd) and again in mid Jan 2017 for a grandson's wedding and stay about six weeks.

I am aware of some countries eg USA require one to have a considerable passport life in reserve before entering there. What is the situation for my two visits to NZ? Could I renew my passport in Nov/Dec or even could I travel to NZ mid January and renew in that six weeks. I would prefer to renew it while in NZ.

I seem to remember that if I apply early, My current Passport is immediately cancelled so making imminent travel unavailable and also reduces the effective life of my new one. Thank you for response.

Reply from tom 7 years ago.

Hi I am a dual Australian & NZ passport holder.I have a valid Australian passport , but my NZ passport is expired 3 months ago. Can I renew my NZ passport after 2 or 3 years after it has expired if need be. Thanks for your time

Reply from julie 7 years ago.

My NZ passport is due for renewal Nov 2016 but I have lost contact with my past referee and I do not know anyone else with NZ passport. How do I renew my passport with no referee.

Reply from problem-solver 7 years ago.

Update: Friday 23 Sept 2016

For Kiwis who don't know anyone in Australia to ID your application

Call this number 1300-559-535 and speak to a client information officer. They will tell you that you need to know someone who has a New Zealand Passport. What this means is that you don't need them to sign your application, you just need their permission to use their information ie. Name, address, phone, and passport no. Thats the easiest way if you don't know anyone in Australia. You CAN call someone in NZ who can provide the info I've just mentioned and put that into your application as your referee. You don't need them to do it just ask for their permission.

Reply from kiwixmas 7 years ago.

Hi , I am a NZ citizen living in Sydney and i'm heading home for xmas. I've just looked at my passport and it expires on the 2nd of April 2017. Has less than 6 months.... ? s it still valid for travel? Will they let me back into Australia with less than 6 months on my passport ? Cheers :)

Reply from esplace 7 years ago.

Been away from NZ for a very long time except for visits to family so contacts with old friends etc is not really possible. Can I get my Brother-in-law to cover the person with NZ passport ..... part ?.

Reply from katrina 7 years ago.

Could anyone tell me if I apply for my passport is it faster if I go and pick it up or will it still take 10 days?

Reply from unsure-kiwi 7 years ago.

My NZ passport expired june 2016. Am I able to renew my passport or do I have to apply for a new one?

Reply from buttns 7 years ago.

Hi, My family and i have been in Melbourne since 2012. Our passports expire around February 2017. Because of the earthquakes will this be possible to renew now and will we get them before they expire? Also we dont have a current NZ drivers licence as they have since expired. Can we use our Auzzie Victorian Drivers Licence instead?? Thanks Vicky

Reply from fiona 7 years ago.

When I renew my passport, does the passport number stay the same?

Reply from kelvin 7 years ago.

Hi, My New Zealand has expired and I need to renew it. But I dont know anyone in Sydney with NZ passport or any NZ citizen here. So how can I get an identity referee who can identify me?

Reply from nznznz 7 years ago.

Why is there more info about NZ passport renewal HERE than there is on the NZ Gov website? Thanks for posting.

Reply from problem-solver 7 years ago.

To answer many of the questions: Here it is again for those who are NOT READING my advice! Don't be afraid to call this number 1300-559-535 about all of your passport questions and speak to a client information officer. You risk taking the wrong information from people who "THINK" they know.

The Passport Office in Sydney are KIWI's who are very friendly and helpful. They know the answers and will give you the correct advice to solve your problems.

If you cannot find someone to sign your passport - The Passport Office will tell you that you "need to know someone" who has a "Valid New Zealand Passport" You can call someone "you know" in NZ who can be your referee. You don't need them to sign the application form.

Look up (friends, workmates, old school friends, old neighbours, teachers, bosses) Anyone who has known you for more than 1 year "NO FAMILY OR RELATIVES" Do a facebook search for old friends who may be living in Australia, you'll be surprised! If they are living in Australia they are more likely to have a passport.

They must:

  • be 16 years or older
  • have known you for more than one year or since you were born (if a child)
  • have a valid New Zealand passport (this can be current or expired, but not stolen or lost)
  • be prepared to give personal details like their name, date of birth, passport number and contact phone number.
  • Tell them that you need a referee to renew your passport
  • You don't need them to sign your application
  • You just need their permission to use their information ie. Name, address, telephone number, and passport number. adding their age is optional.
  • The Passport Office needs your referee information to contact them to approve your passport.

New Zealand Passports close to expiry to travel? Ring the NZ passport office below and ask about passport expiry validity for the country you are traveling to.

Finally, don't try to cut corners or you WILL Fail!

Don't be afraid to call the Passport Office, they are lovely people and will guide you to work within the law.

Contact: New Zealand Passport Office

Address: 55 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:(02) 9225 2300 or 1300-559-535 (Sydney) and ask to speak to a client information officer.

Hours: Wednesday 9:30am–4pm Thursday 9am–4pm Friday 9am–4pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 9am–4pm Tuesday 9am–4pm

Make sure you have all of your questions written down so you don't "forget" anything that is worrying you.

Lastly.......... DO IT!

Reply from parvej 7 years ago.

i will be applying to renew my nz passport and the only thing that bothers me is why do i need to get my form signed by another nz citizen... it seems this is unnecessary as i already have a passport and just renewing it... i live in sydney and i do not know any kiwis here.

Reply from moloughney 7 years ago.

I am in the same situation. The only New Zealander I've met here in this part of the Mornington Peninsula has returned to live in New Zealand. And I'm not sure that I've known her for a year.

Reply from graciedeska 7 years ago.

@parvej and moloughney,

Your identity referee doesn't need to be a New Zealand passport holder also living in Australia - they can be living anywhere (as long as they have a current NZ passport). All you need from them is their passport number, expiry and their contact details. They don't need to sign your renewal form, so you can simply message an old neighbour or school friend and ask if they'd mind giving you those details & being your referee.

Reply from confused-citizen 7 years ago.

I am a New Zealand Citizen and have held New Zealand Passports for more than 30 years. I am also an Australian and British Citizen but when recently returning here from New Zealand I completed the necessary Australian Declaration/Arrival Form.

Although I had nothing to declare, when responding to the question regarding Australian Citizenship, I had marked it as "yes". At Brisbane Airport a Customs Officer questioned why I do not carry an Australian Passport and advised me that I should.
Although polite, he also added that I could be called into their office for further questioning on another occasion if still using my NZ Passport. I am not in the habit of breaking any law and had I stated "no" on the form to which I refer, it would have been a lie and possibly considered to be a crime.

Although my current home is here, I am now a Widow and may choose to return to New Zealand permanently, as my only family reside in Auckland. I certainly don't have the need for two Passports (or additional expense) and considering my circumstances, prefer to continue using a New Zealand one.

I therefore question why with duel citizenship this situation has been presented and if I did change to an Australian Passport instead, will the same apply when I truthfully complete the incoming document on arrival in New Zealand?

I have tried to resolve this by contacting the appropriate government departments both sides of the Tasman but am no closer to a solution.

It would be helpful if someone with first hand experience of this issue would clarify it.

Much appreciated !

Reply from ryan 7 years ago.

Start here

Need a realme account and the use the photo checker and its cheaper from Australia as no gst. Referee can be any active nz passport holder anywhere.

Reply from jimmi 7 years ago.

Hi, I am a New Zealand Citizen and have been living, working in Australia on a 444 Temporary Passport since the 31 Day of May 2005 and wish to stay as a Citizen of New Zealand because I own Property in the South Island. My Residency is East Perth City Area and wish to stay for the next 5 years Providing I can find a referee that holds a valid NZ passport. Most of the Kiwis I have known from the mining sector have left the WA area and cannot be contacted. I would like to be known to any Kiwi person whom lives in the Perth WA area for the next 12 MONTHS if this is possible, Thanks Jimmi

Reply from ollie 7 years ago.

Hello, When I renew my passport for NZ, do I get the current work visa I have (for png) automatically transferred into the ne passport?

Reply from walton 7 years ago.

My New Zealand passport has expired and would like to renew, problem is I don't know anyone in New Zealand who I can use as referee. My son is a Australian citizen can he be my referee, or is there another way I can do it....thanks

Reply from ryan 7 years ago.

You only need an nz citizen as a referee so they can be living in Australia

Reply from hac 7 years ago.

How old can a passport photo be? 1 month or less etc? And how long before my passport expires can I renew? 1month etc?

Reply from chrissy 6 years ago.

Australian passports are valid for 2yrs as ID after expiry date in Australia - is this the same for an expired NZ passport in Australia also? Any help is appreciated Thank you

Reply from peter 6 years ago.

What if you stay in Australia and you have no kiwis that you know for more then 2 years (all your friends have moved on) to sight your application?

Reply from mele-seini-finau 6 years ago.

Hi my daughters passport has expired. How can I renew it? I'm new in Australia so I need help please.

Reply from ryan1019 6 years ago.

You can renew the passport online. Just Google NZ passport online renewal.

Reply from rare-japan 4 months ago.
Reply from laya 6 years ago.

I am a permanent resident of Australia, need to apply for a new nz passport but don't have or know any other kiwi for a referee. What can I do?

Reply from robsta 6 years ago.

I am trying to renew my nz passport online but it says I need a RealMe verification of my login.... anyone in Oz got past this? I’m going around in a loop which is frustrating!

Reply from david-j 6 years ago.

My NZ passport expired over twenty years ago. Can I still renew it living in Australia?

Reply from tania 6 years ago.

Hi, I'm trying to renew my father's passport. What is the fastest way of getting it done?

Reply from dave-smith 6 years ago.

How can I renew my New Zealand passport? I live in Western Australia. Please can you help me. Thanks.

Reply from marie 6 years ago.

If my passport has expired March 2016, can I apply online to renew it?

Reply from ryan1019 6 years ago.

Dave and Marie start here below. I have renewed online here before and can use your own camera for the photo with photo conditions.

Reply from neil 6 years ago.

I would like to acknowledge the empathy shown by Brent in the Sydney office in Bond St when I left my back pack on the train with my passport in it. Brent went to great lengths to calm me down as I have Parkinsons and can get rather agitated at times. What ever he did, I had a new passport within 3 hours which was amazing. Please pass on my big thank you to Brent and the big guy in the same office who was manning the reception when I came in on Wed 20th of June. I am now back in NZ



Reply from jen-l 6 years ago.

Hi its Jen here

If your passport expires in November, can you still travel in September and back in Australia please? And it's a NZ passport.

Reply from katrina 6 years ago.

Hi there just wanting to know I'm just about to renew my passport as my other passport got stolen early last year ,I went straight to police station and reported it stolen /lost /found so I'm wondering do I just apply for a renewal passport applicant ? It says I will need my previous passport details but I do not know it by heart and is there any option to skip that part?

Reply from sarah 5 years ago.

Hi I live in Australia and I have sent for my passport to be renewed however I have accidentally sent it to New Zealand not the Embassy in Australia . What do I need to do now ?

Reply from henare-whatarau 5 years ago.

Morning, I applied for a renewal of my passport but due to a medical condition which landed me in hospital for a while I was unable to complete my application, I have only the identity referee form to hand in, do I have to start all over again for my renewal or is my application still good, my passport number is LN760895. I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible so that I can either start again or just complete my final form. Thank you.

Reply from bronjo 5 years ago.

Is there an office in Brisbane to renew a kiwi passport or is it just Sydney?

Reply from michael 5 years ago.

I have lived in Australia most of my life I don't know any kiwis. What do I do about a referee now?

Reply from bee 5 years ago.

So I’m living in Australia, I got my son (who was born in Australia) a Nz passport by decent. He is turning 16 in nov, and I need to renew his passport. Can I renew it as a child and it will be still valid for travel after he turns 16? Or to get an adult passport he needs to get adult citizenship? I’m confused. Can anyone help me?

Reply from chrissy 5 years ago.

My advise if you need a NZ ASAP start an application online. My cousin went online on the sat flew into Sydney from Tasmania he had a lot of trouble with his photo as I did. Don’t take your photo at the Post Office, Office Works had all countries passports photo checker. Went straight into the passport they re -took the photo there and got the passport in an hour and off to NZ he went. My advise if you have problems with your photo just into the office to do it. Apparently the WLG office is strict about photos. Great people in the Sydney Passport office.

Reply from niki 4 years ago.

Can I renew my n.z passport if it expired 14 years ago or do I need to reapply for a new one?

Reply from renee 4 years ago.

Hi my old new Zealand passport is expired 4 years ago and it's lost and I'm trying to apply online and its asking for my old passport number. How can i find my old passport number?

Reply from weza 3 years ago.

Hello, I am a NZer living in Melbourne hoping to get a referee. The problem is that I dont know anyone here. How do I get around this?

Reply from michelle 2 years ago.

My son was a young boy & needs to re-new passport as an adult as his child one has expired, he is now 25 ? New Zealander living in Australia?

Reply from pix 1 year ago.

Trying to renew my daughters nz passport in Australia, what website can I download the forms?

Reply from thomas-fraser-kena 9 years ago.

I wish to renewal my passport. Can you help me?

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