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Posted by anonymous 15 years ago.

How to become an Australian resident

A lot of job advertisements say that you have to be a resident to apply. How do you become a resident when moving to Australia?

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Reply from mayflower 15 years ago.

Do they say that you must be a "Permanent" resident, or just 'resident' as they are two different things. i.e. being a tax resident is different from being recognised as a permanent australian resident or citizen. Regarding permanent residency or citizenship, you would need to contact the immigration department and speak to them about your circumstances as this will determine your residency pathway (there are a lot of ways to apply for residency, not everyone qualifies for all of them).

Reply from troffy12 15 years ago.

As a Kiwi, you are permanently allowed to reside and work in OZ. As soon as you pay taxes, you are deemed as a resident.

Reply from kiwiinoz 14 years ago.

the above comment is incorrect, we have been here for 5yrs and are only considered permanent residents for tax purposes. You still have to apply for permanent residence if you ever wish to have a pension when you retire or assistance if you get sick.
The PR application process is a shambles and we have been told to divorce and marry aussies by immigration if we want to get PR as our jobs as a Truckie and supermarket worker are not good enough to qualify for PR on their own merit. I even got as far as sitting the citizenship test only to be told that as I was out of the country in 2001 that I did not qualify and was asked to leave. If we ever get sick or retire here then we are on our own...

Reply from jojo28 14 years ago.

I know I already posted on a similar thread above this one but ARGH!

ANZAC doesn't mean anything anymore.

Lest we forget


It's all rather coldblooded and grimy in Aus really to be honest, I've been here for near on 4 y now, mostly because of opportunity, experiences, travelbugs, money to be made, exploring my planet, and meeting people, and I have ALWAYS worked and paid tax. And nothing. I am just on my own. I don't have financial support from family etc so I've been homeless and had rough "mi goreng" months..


Reply from karen 14 years ago.

#3 kiwinoz comment, sorry u are wrong. Read the reciprocal agreement between Oz and NZ on the GOVT pages, if you are a NZ citizen and you are living in OZ for so many years before retirement you will receive aussie pension, if less years before retirement, you will receive NZ pension although living in Oz.

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