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Posted by anonymous 16 years ago.

New Zealand permanent resident wanting to move to Australia

I am NZ resident but don't hold NZ citizenship yet. What will the process be for me to move to Australia?

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Reply from bogues 16 years ago.

It will be based on what country(ies) you have citizenship with, and what their agreement with Australia is.

Reply from anonymous 15 years ago.

any fed back on this question will be good as me and my family intend on making the big move to auz however my partner currently holds perminant residance and has done so for 24years we were unaware that he did not have citizenship as he came over on his mothers passport from samoa at the age of 3! what would the best steps to take first

Reply from cheers 15 years ago.

Best thing is to get citizenship. If your partner is a permanent resident for those many years, then I dont think there will be any problem. It is enough if your partner gets citizenship. You can come with him to Aussie.

Reply from law 13 years ago.

New Zealand permanent residents receive no special privileges in Australia. If you're not a NZ citizen, you will need to qualify for permanent residency as a skilled worker like everyone else from another country. If you then become a NZ citizen, you can then come to Australia to live and work without restriction under the new SCV scheme. But unfortunately your entitlements to social benefits like child assistance, unemployment benefits..etc are only available to permanent/citizen residents.

In short to your question is. If you want to move to Australia as a resident of NZ only, then you will need to apply for a working holiday visa.

Reply from nepzealand 12 years ago.

I am Nepali citizen, I am living australia since 2007 and my partner is newzealand citizen, she came to australia 1993 with her parents but unfortunately center link don't have her record in their system, don't know why but we found her parents, sis, and brother who arrived with her in records. then she came to australia at 2004 but there is no records at all. Since 2004 she started workin in australia till now, but we just went 2 months before to open new record because center link suggest us, she can't apply P.R. of australia.

we r living together since 3 yrs but she wants to with me in australia but I am in Temporary visa of 18 months which one just 3 months left to finish. so wot we should do to stay together? could u please help us???/ Thanks

Reply from leonie 12 years ago.

I am a new zealand permanent resident and i am wanting to mover over to aus however i am 17. Is there restrictions being under 18 and moving independently only being a resident?

Reply from ruth 11 years ago.

Hi I'm actually wanting to ask a question please!!

Reply from jojo28 11 years ago.

hi I was born in Malaysia but have lived here in NZ since I was a baby so 40 odd years,,,I want to move over to Australia i have a british passport currently!

Reply from nidis 11 years ago.

iam an australian citizen my husband is a New Zealand permenant resident with fiji long will it take for the process for him to get across to Australia?.

Reply from i-m-nz-permanent-can-i-go-to-australia-for-holiday 11 years ago.

I m nz permanent can I go to australia for holiday

Reply from pregnant-and-on-a-nz-pr 9 years ago.

I've been a NZ permanent resident for 13 years. We want to move to Australia really soon. My husband and our 5 kids are NZ citizens. Are we able to move to Australia now even though I'm a NZ permanent resident??

Reply from visadramas 9 years ago.

Every NZ Citizen automatically gains a SSV 444 as soon as they enter Australian shores. You are entitled to some government benefits (ie: CCB (Childcare), rent assistance etc) and also medicare. It allows you to live and work indefinitely but doesn't mean you are an Australian resident. You need to apply (i think after 2 consecutive years of living and working here in Australia) before you can consider applying for Permanent Residency. This is from years of research that I have learnt this information and going through it as well. Hope this helps.

Reply from danzanz 9 years ago.

Hi there,

I am a NZ resident on a Fijian passport and want to move to Australia. What visa do I qualify for???

Reply from eliasmum 8 years ago.

I am a New Zealand citizen and I want to relocate to Australia with my 4 grand children and my son. What do I do?

Reply from imakiwilad 8 years ago.

I am New Zealand Citizen but my partner is permanent resident. we want to move to Australia due to my work. Any suggestion please?

Reply from tom-here 8 years ago.

Just wondering - we live in Melbourne since 09 and my wife is a NZ resident. Is there any other way? Or do we have to go back to nz and apply for her citizenship and then come back?

Reply from sarah-l 7 years ago.

Hi I'm a citizen of Samoa but have New Zealand residency.. Am I able to go Australia for a holiday on a Samoan Passport?

Reply from bernadette 7 years ago.

I am a NZ Permanent resident and I hold teacher registration in NZ. I want to know whether I can migrate to Australia.

Reply from jacobus-venter 7 years ago.

Hello I am NZ Citizen, got a partner just got permanent residency. I want to move to Australia - what do I need to go there? Got 2 kids.

Reply from nani 6 years ago.

I am a NZ PR on a Indian passport and want to move to Australia for work. What visa do I qualify for???

Reply from roshanne-fernando 5 years ago.

Hi there, I’m New Zealand permanent Residence but my husband and my kid nz citizen. We are planning to move to Australia for 5 years. So My question is after we come back from Australia how many years do I need to stay in New Zealand to get my citizenship? Is it possible?

Thank you

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