Posted by Moving to Melbourne! on 05/03/2012

How much money would my partner and I need to move to Melbourne?

My partner (21) and I (19) are planning to move to Melbourne in hopefully 3-4 months. So far we have been doing a lot of research and saving as much as possible, but we are wondering what would be a good amount of money to take to basically survive when we get there, we are going to attempt to find a job before we go but he is a chef and I am a hairdresser so assuming jobs will be easy(ish) to pick up?
Our other big concern is that we have no idea which suburb to live and/or work in. We want to stay about 30min from the city and like the looks of Richmond. We are both into places with lots of shops & restaurants and bars arent too much of a fuss for us. any ideas?????
Please Help :)

#1 response from mtag at 05:34 on Tue, 6 March 2012

For an answer to the first part of your question about how much money you might need when moving to Melbourne, see the following forum posts:




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