Posted by Kylie on 07/06/2011

How much money do I need to move to Australia?

Myself and my partner are looking at moving to Australia in Feb 2011. We have no idea how much we will need when we get there. We think we will both be able to get jobs within 2 months.

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#1 response from the flying scotsman at 22:20 on Mon, 13 June 2011

I'll be keen to hear more about this topic too. We are currently "looking' into the idea of moving to Oz. Have been living in NZ for almost 9 years.

Lots to consider.

Passports need to be up to date so might need renewed.
Application for visa.
Physical check up, usually needs x-rays done as part of this.
Shipping. Either ship evrything over or will have to buy all over again. We were advised to buy everything when we moved to NZ. That was bad advice as you forget the cost of all the small stuff..towels, cutlery, bedding, plates, glasses, pictures, ornaments etc etc. We will be taking as much of our stuff as possible.
Pets. Quarantine, shipping and containers.
Accomodation once there (including bond)
Transport (will need a car)
If you are selling your house - all the legal costs/commisiion should be included to.
If you don't have a job to go to you will still need to eat and heat. So funds for groceries and bills.

It will add up to quite a lot!?!?!? Also it will depend on how many people. Just yourself it will cost a lot less. We will be 2 adults a teenager and a baby and a cat and dog.

If you are lucky, I hope to be as I am a nurse. You're employer might offer you assisstance wity a relocation package. This can include money towards flights, accomodation, visa application, registration with relevant Oz authority etc. Usually you have to pay this first and give them receipts. You then get reimbursed.

But, if you get that, the reimbursement could help with that deposit for a property.

Looking at this cool site it looks like you/we could get a good approximation for most of the above.

#2 response from graciedeska at 05:12 on Wed, 15 June 2011

We (myself and my partner) spent about $10k on our move to Australia in 2007. That included flights, shipping some stuff over, temporary accommodation for two weeks, general living costs for about 1 month until we started work, bond on an apartment plus first month's rent, and some furniture from Ikea, appliances and living essentials.

I'm sure you could spend less on a move or quite a lot more, depending on how long it took to find work and how many are moving over, and how much rent you need to pay. There are ways to make the move cheaper by living with friends or family in Australia while you find work, and not renting or buying until you have a job and start receiving wages (remember this can be delayed sometimes with a new job!).

Good luck!

#3 response from Curiousity at 00:05 on Mon, 9 July 2012

im thinking of moving there but have already applied for a high school so it would be complicated if i was to move now just seriously how much for a child and an adult

#4 response from faith at 00:36 on Sun, 15 July 2012

My partner moved over a month ago to Sydney but luckily for him his sister lives there so the accommodation was sorted. Only went with $2200 from selling his car and a plan. In the 1st week he sorted his bank, medicard,tfn number and library card. In the 2nd week he sat three courses and passed and in the 3rd week he started work. He loves it and is going to continue working and saving before I pack up and ship the family over. I think if only one of you go first to sort everything out and stabilize things then you will be ok.

#5 response from Enuf want to move at 07:42 on Sat, 6 April 2019

I want to move to Brisbane - don't know many people there - applying for jobs I wont give up. Looking into what I need to know before moving over. Is it worth shipping your car over as well as your belongings?

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