Posted by anon on 11/10/2008

How much money will I need to move to Australia?

I am 18 and really want/need to move over to Aussie. I already have a place to live hopefully. I want to move over at the end of November and just want to know - do I need much money to take with me??

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#1 response from mayflower at 00:08 on Wed, 15 October 2008

As much as you can really. it depends a bit on what you're going to be taking with you, how you're prepared to live, how employable you are, etc. I am taking $5,000 Australian with me minimum to help cover my expenses until I have work. Try contacting some emloyment agencies before you go to see what kind of work you may be able to get and what you can expect to earn in them.

#2 response from phoenix at 00:18 on Wed, 15 October 2008

ok thanks yea i have a barista qualification and about 3 food/catering/food safety certificates as well so i know i am pretty employable i have a worldwide known one aswell and got one of the highest marks you can get on it

#3 response from mayflower at 07:37 on Thu, 16 October 2008

In that case, I can't see a job being an issue for you. you might want to check out
they deal with the hospitality industry and may be able to help you get a short term position to get you started whilst looking for a permanent role. They can also help you get your Tax File Number.
You can set up a bank account directly with most of the banks before you leave NZ without needing to use their (goworkabout's) service.

#4 response from phoenix at 12:43 on Thu, 16 October 2008

ahk thanks :D

#5 response from jojo at 06:11 on Fri, 12 February 2010

I came with $400, no job, no tertiary education, and no family or friends and I'm still here nearly 4 years on, you'll be sweet mate :)

#6 response from kellykiwi at 03:41 on Tue, 21 December 2010

jojo how'd ya manage that haha i came with 2000 and still struggling a year down the track bahahahha

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