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Concerns about the subtropical environment in Australia

Hi, I like in Australia in a economic sense. But just concerned about its subtropic weather, in particular the mosquito-borne diseases (especially Ross River Virus), as well as the termites in houses. Just wonder how serious is it? Could that be a shock after moving?

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Hi we are thinking of moving to Brisbane. I am terrified of spiders. What is the chances of finding spiders in a house and in the yard? Worried that my cats might walk in with a spider sitting on them. Even the sheetweb spiders makes me scream.

And if you find a spider what do you do. I was thinking of running to the nearest neighbour and ask him or her to get rid of it:)

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What about the poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions etc mixed with pets and kids? Has this been an issue for anyone?

My wife and I are considering moving from Dunedin to Melbourne but are a little concerned about the poisonous creatures in Australia. Are we right to worry or is this not an issue? We are most concerned for our 2 dogs and our 1-year-old. Do you come across snakes within ...

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Are spiders a problem on the Gold Coast?

We are looking at moving to the Gold Coast to live and have 2 cats we hope to bring and 2 young boys...I do not like spiders at all!!!...My sister lived in Sydney and they had red back spiders outside on their outdoor furniture so I refused to sit out ...

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Moving to australia at 16 years old without family living in australia or coming with me

i would like to move to Australia in June when I finish taking my GCSE's, I have no relations in Australia and none of my family come from Australia. I am 16 years old and would be moving on my own. I am very independent and do a lot of ...

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Where is a good place to live in Perth?

Hi We're moving to Perth in February 09. We are 2 adults in our early 40's and are looking for somewhere quiet by the sea but accessible to the city for work. Can anyone recommend an area/s for us to research? Also, how easy is it to get a rental ...

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