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Posted by teesol 16 years ago.

What's a good way of getting hold of cheap/second hand furniture in Melbourne? (i.e. like Trade Me)

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Reply from johne 14 years ago.

try waste transfer stations. I furnished most of my house this way. you'll be amazed what people throw out. give the guys running the site a few dollars.

Reply from inoz4good 13 years ago.

I agree, its amazing what people throw out, terrible waste. I think they do that as brand new (low quality) furniture is so cheap here. Try places like fantastic furniture for brand new furniture and ebay for good quality second hand furniture. I have furnished my house with designer furniture from ebay!!

Reply from little-helper 16 years ago.

Some trading/classifieds sites to try: Gumtree -, Ebay -, Trading Post - Things are a bit more fragmented here than in NZ where everyone pretty much just uses Trade Me. You will find a few used furniture markets too around Melbourne.

Reply from sharyn 13 years ago.


Reply from james 11 years ago.

You could also try Not quite as well-established as Ebay or Gumtree, but still plenty of furniture listings

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