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Posted by abby 17 years ago.

What type of Australian tax rate applies to New Zealand citizens? The ATO website metions two types of rates for Residents and Non Residents. What residence status are we?

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Reply from kiwi-in-oz 17 years ago.

Hi Abby, to find out whether or not you are (or will/will not be) a resident of Australia for tax purposes you will need to refer to the ATO criteria. You can find a few examples here, which will help you apply the guidelines to your personal situation: Hope that helps!

Reply from kiwi-in-oz 17 years ago.

Also, you can find a good overview of the residency test here on the ATO site:

Reply from soph 16 years ago.

Also, get an accountant once you're here. There is a Tax incentive for NZ'ers (not sure of other countries) where if you can show that you are not intending to stay over 3 years (or planning to return home after 3 years) then you can get a certain portion of your income tax free (or tax back). Also check the site as mentioned above by kiwi_in_oz - as if you keep all of your receipts/log book etc you can claim back from teh govt expenses such as clothes required for you to do your job. My partner is a labourer working all day in teh sun, so we claim right down to sunscreen and sunglasses.

Reply from louise 14 years ago.

Hi there, my husband and i are looking to move to Australia in a few months. I've just discovered we’re having a baby. I'm in full time employment here in NZ. We were both going to get jobs over there. Obviously I wouldn’t be in a position to take up a job. Can i apply for maternity leave and would i be intituled to the child Bonus?

Reply from kim-and-jamie 13 years ago.

hi there, need to know if anybody has had to pay both australian and new zealand tax. we have been told becouse my partner is going o be moving over first to brisbane and sending most of his wages back to nz that he will have to pay autralian and nz tax. i am a bit confused with all this even the forms they sent us . they want to KNOW everything. and when myself and the children move over to oz we will hav to still pay nz tax becouse out house is still a tie to nz. even tho we will be renting it at a loss. is paying nz tax rate on autralian wages fair if u still own a house in nz, any response to this will be apreciated.

Reply from tan 13 years ago.

I just called IRD and looked here

My understanding is that you pay tax there as normal then complete an IR3 here showing what you have paid in Aussie. They work it all out (- aussie tax + NZ tax) and it ends up that you only pay tax once.

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