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Posted by gareth30 16 years ago.

What is a good way of getting a mobile phone in Australia?

Looking for a cheap, user friendly way of getting a new phone without having to sign up for 2 years... What is everyone doing for phones in Australia?

2 replies, the latest on 25 March 2009.
Reply from josh 15 years ago.

I found the pre-pay cards there ridiculously cheap.

$50 will get you something like $300 credit. If you've got a vodafone phone here, then just buy a sim card in aus and pre-oay all the way!

Reply from nzjono 15 years ago.

Pre-paid is amazingly cheap as Josh said above. Just stay on those. The only thing is that they dont carry over from month to month so just keep buying the cheapest one, they easily last a month. Beer on the other hand is amazingly pricey! Life is about balances my friend!

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