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Posted by struggler 13 years ago.

What if I've moved over to Australia but I have debts and bills in New Zealand?

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Reply from answerer 13 years ago.

You can move to Aus with NZ student loan - but you have to notify IRD and arrange re-payment options - it's best to leave a NZ bank account open and make re-payments from this, after transferring your Aus dollars to this account - you'll get more for your buck. Im not sure if you get asked about Students Loans when you cross their border. You can't move for good if you've got bank overdrafts - they have to be paid back.

Reply from anonymous 13 years ago. is a great way to pay NZ Student Loans from Aus or UK - there's no fee/charge if you're paying back NZ Student Loans! great way to pay those debts back if you don't want to keep an NZ bank account open (especially if you're not gonna back to NZ to close it). Other debts do have fees, so note this is only fee free for paying back NZ Student Loans

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