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Posted by komata 16 years ago.

What are the better areas to live in Melbourne?

Every city has its good and bad areas. We will be renting in Melbourne. What are the good areas in the city to live and what areas should we avoid - or at least be wary of?

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Reply from melburnian 16 years ago.

The inner eastern and south eastern suburbs are generally desirable and are home to a lot of professional type people - Hawthorn, Camberwell, St Kilda, Richmond, Toorak, South Yarra etc. Fitzroy and Carlton are places with a more chilled vibe (as is the inner North Melbourne). I can't really comment on the areas to avoid as we've not really lived in any, although we've heard you want to perhaps avoid outer east places like Dandenong, Ringwood, etc and suburbs further west/north like Footscray area etc. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend on accommodation etc - same old story here that the closer to the city you want to get, the more you'll pay.

Reply from komata
16 years ago.

Thanks for that. St Kilda was our area of preference anyway, but thought I should ask, 'just in case'. Much appreciated.

Reply from nudgey 15 years ago.

What's wrong with Dandenong area? Looking at a job near there and a bit worried now!

Reply from dilemma 14 years ago.

We just came back from Melbourne Wednesday 14th April and we were in the southern east suburb. (Keysborough, Noble park area) Pretty decent areas to live in. Rents are cheaper there compared to NZ. Real estates are not very pet friendly so it is better going private but a rare find. My sister managed to find a private rental which allowed her to have cats. 3 bedroom $270.00 per week. Decent back yards. All gas in these areas. Weather is similar to Auckland. (up and down) but much hotter and colder there. Police camera's on almost every traffic light, too prevent people from running red lights. Camera's almost everywhere actually so watch the fines when arriving to australia. P drivers are the worst drivers, as we saw that whilst being in melbourne, food at the supermarkets are not much of a selection like here in NZ, so it pays too enjoy your last decent feed of kiwi styles before re-locating to Melbourne. Close to the necessities and trains. My family did say that some parts of the dandenong area were abit rough but I'm afraid I don't know which one. They avoid that area for living but for shopping it's fabulous. They have Milk bars not dairy's. Petrol is definitely cheaper there. I will post more if interested. Thanks

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