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Posted by brisbane-bound 17 years ago.

We might not be able to sell our house in NZ and may have to rent it out. Can we make any tax deductions on rent we receive? Or do we have to pay full tax?

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Reply from teesol 15 years ago.

We have rented our 2 houses out in Whangarei and you cannot claim against your tax in Australia. You can claim all your expenses against the rental back in NZ, however you have to wait until you have NZ income to offset it against. At the moment you are better to sell and take advantage of the First Home Owners grant if you are intending on staying here permanently.

Reply from ally 15 years ago.

The above information isn't actually correct. We are keeping our house in Timaru and will be renting it out. We contacted the Australian Tax Office and they said you are able to write the property off against your Australian income but it must be converted to Australian dollars for tax purposes eg: $NZ250 = $AU200 therefore you claim $200 dollars. You cannot double dip by claiming it in NZ as well. You can claim one trip per annum to visit the property (not including the trip to Queenstown) and any depreciations. If you have owned a house in NZ you will not get the first home owners grant in Australia. My dad's a property developer and his advice was to keep the house in NZ as you are going to lose a lot of money on the transfer of funds and houses are more expensive in Australia especially on the eastern seaboard.

Reply from bdp 14 years ago.

Have a rental in Auckland and in the process of moving to Aus. Checked with my account in NZ who also confimed you can offset losses against your Aus salary. You will need to however file a tax return in both countries for income received in NZ and Aus. Strongly suggest you use and accountant who charges me less than $500 to complete annum tax returns.

Reply from sabrina 14 years ago.

What kind of ownership or structure shall the NZ rental property be under, if I sell them in the future, will it attract captical gain tax?

Reply from homequeen 13 years ago.

Hey bdp,can you recommend the name of your accountant,as the one we have at the moment is very pricey?and if anyone can answer the above question,that would help me and Im sure others too.

Reply from kiwiozzie 11 years ago.

I have my NZ accountant saying I can claim a refund in both countries. I live in nz, am a resident here again, but have investment properties on Gold coast and in Brisbane which are negatively geared.

My Aussie accountant says you can only claim in the country you are resident in.

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