Posted by Yummy Mummy on 01/06/2012

Brisbane suburbs like Takapuna?

Hi. My family and I are relocating to Brisbane from Takapuna. Is there any suburbs remotely like those on the North Shore? From what I have been told Brisbane doesn't have a beach and the river is brown! We love our lifestyle here in AKL and hate to leave so I would like to replicate it as close as possible. What we love about it is the water, the easy of being able to walk everywhere, the community feel. We have 2 young kids and 2 dogs. Any suggestions?

#1 response from ellwook at 09:38 on Sun, 3 June 2012

Brisbane is not really like Auckland in regards to the proximity to the beaches. You may need to consider commuting from Northern Brisbane or the Gold Coast. I cant comment specifically on Brisbane, but coming from St Heliers we werein a similiar position as you in Takapuna. We ended up in Northern Gold coast , 50mins in good traffic, 1 1/2 in bad.

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