Posted by corswa on 24/02/2012

What is the best and cheapest option for shipping a couple of boxes from New Zealand to Australia (Canberra)?

I am moving to Canberra soon and I have just a few things I want to take with me, maybe 2-3 boxes. It's not super expensive, more sentimental and I was wondering if anyone has found a company that is cheap and provides a good service?

#1 response from wills at 11:43 on Tue, 28 February 2012

Have you looked at Seven Seas?


I've not used them, but a few people have mentioned to me that they used them to move bits and pieces when they weren't moving enough to go to a larger shipper.

If you try them, let us know how you get on.

#2 response from Mohit at 04:28 on Thu, 9 April 2015

I am also moving to Canberra from Wellington and want to ship 2 boxes. I was wondering how you did it?

#3 response from Floss at 21:21 on Thu, 29 October 2015

We are planning to move to Canberra 2016 to Belconnen or Gungahlin. How much to move main furniture like, fridge freezer, bed, wash machine, few cutleries and boxes of clothes.

#4 response from KChan at 21:27 on Mon, 26 September 2016

I've used Seven Seas shipping to send 2 or 3 boxes of household stuff home to Australia from London. I can recommend them for this.

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