Posted by jandal on 21/02/2012

Melbourne - which suburbs?


My partner and I are moving to Melbourne next month. We are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroomed apartment (up to $450/wk), near the city, in a quiet/safe suburb.

We haven't a clue about any of the suburbs, can anyone recommend any? We'd like to be near the sea but its more important to be near the city in a quiet suburb. Is St Kildas a good place to live?

Many thanks

#1 response from Kiwiguy at 09:38 on Mon, 10 June 2013

Hi I'm conducting a preliminary research on where to live in Melbourne. Am single myself and living in Christchurch, renting a two-bedroom apartment in Merivale. My job prospects are liekly to be in Melbourne CBD at this stage.

Am interested to find someplace to live that is well kept, safe and relatively crime free, accessible by trams and rail, somewhat a little like Merivale and post-2011 quake Addington type of happening place, easy to have access to any happenings in inner Melbourne, good to meet otehr working singles. But not a fan of Riccarton or Ilam equivalents with rowdy [local] student parties or Auckland CBD full of overseas students; I don't mind the organic bohemian places but am not keen if the surroundings make more conservative people feel unwelcome there.

Also how much should I expect to pay for a two-bedroom flat? Am guessing about A$480 per week, but if more accurate estimates are available it wil be great, thanks.

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