Posted by enzed on 04/01/2012

Moving to Australia with my two young children - can I get any government assistance?

I have two children 5yrs and 1yr old. I'm a single mother who is looking at moving to Aussie to settle down and find work over there. The father of my children was born in Australia but is living in NZ (not sure if that has any relevance) but would I be eligible to get support from the government to help me get set up over there? e.g. finding a place to stay and financial support until I find employment? Thanks

#1 response from griselda at 05:09 on Fri, 6 January 2012

Hi there,

Unfortunately New Zealanders can't get an unemployment benefit in Australia, however you may be eligible for some of the family assistance payments, one of which offers rent assistance. However, you need to have started renting privately in Australia first to be able to apply for rent assistance.
These are the payments to check out: http://www.familyassis...

Note that you'll also need your partner's permission to bring the children to Australia, unless you have sole guardianship.


#2 response from anonymous at 23:30 on Sun, 8 April 2012

sure you can get child care benefit and you kids will also get their benefit if they have aus dad then they are australians aswell means they have full rights in australia

#3 response from Sasha at 20:53 on Thu, 11 July 2013

Hi i also i am moving to australia and have teo children
One and three.
I was wanting any help or knowledge about
Things i will need to do before or when i get there.
For example, a family doctor, becoming an
Australian citizen, sorting my bank. Is there
Anything else i must sort for my travel? Or any help
That i am entitled to over there?

#4 response from Sonia at 09:46 on Fri, 2 August 2013

Hi enzed, I spoke to centre link couple days ago as I am in similar situation but still with my partner. Unfortunately you have no entitlements. It is your children's father who does and needs to be living with you in Australia. I think your best bet is to research visas and apply for one before you leave.

#5 response from Kiwi in Oz at 02:42 on Sun, 4 August 2013

You are only entitled to Family Assistance Benefit over here, Rent Assistance (when you have a place), School Kids Bonus, other little entitlements called the Clean Energy supplement. And if your ex is not paying child support you get less than the base rate of Family Assistance. You don't get any assistance in finding a place to stay etc, you would need to stay with family or friends and come over with a bit of money saved. Expect to pay about $2500+ just to get into a house (Bond & 2wks in advance). Sonia is right. Also for kids who were born in Auz they don't become citizens until they turn 10. Or from what I have read you can apply for permanent residency by descent (but i aint 100% on this). Some of the information on this site is misleading (and needs to be corrected), because since the 2001 law changes between NZ & Auz governments, kiwi's can NO LONGER apply to become Aussie Citizens AT ALL and the rules and regulations about becoming a permanent resident are so strict that they have made it next to impossible to become one and it costs thousands of dollars to apply. Oz Kiwi page on facebook have all the information around residency/citizenship etc in Aus (you'd be suprised as alot of australians and kiwi's are unaware). And if you have any questions, join the group Kiwi's In Aussie, answer any questions on this page. Ok, we didn't come over to aussie to get on the dole etc...... but when things go wrong for some people, there is no safety net here for us (alot of homeless kiwis here) and it is unfair considering we pay taxes here just like everyone else yet we are classed as second class citizens!!

#6 response from Kiwi in Oz at 02:46 on Sun, 4 August 2013

Just seen that the ladies comment was from last year, but still some good info in my statement for any other solo mums wanting to make the move over :)

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