Posted by Nannie on 07/12/2011

Soon to be 50 wanting to go live in Aussie permanently should I make a claim for taxes?

I want to leave New Zealand to live maybe permanently in Brisbane Australia. I looked up on a site that said when claiming leaving taxes you will be unable to return to NZ to work for 3 yrs. Can anyone tell me why this is, or is it because they pay you out quite a bit you won't be able to return sooner than 3yrs?

Will I be able to claim a Pension in Australia if I work up till age 70yrs? or will I have to return to NZ


#1 response from gloria at 02:29 on Mon, 9 January 2012

Hi there,
Are you talking about claiming any tax refund before leaving New Zealand permanently? If so, I haven't heard of any restriction as to coming back to work in NZ. As a New Zealand citizen you are entitled to live and work freely in New Zealand. If you want to let me know the link of the source you are speaking of, I will investigate further.
As to claiming your pension, you can claim your NZ pension in Australia by calling 13 1673 (Centrelink) once you arrive.

#2 response from kiwi1 at 08:27 on Wed, 8 April 2015

No such rule exists. You can return the next day and work if you choose.

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