Posted by Positive Move on 24/11/2011

What I need to know if I'm a contract worker in Melbourne?

I have the option of earning substantially more in Aus than in NZ. I have been contracting in NZ for the past 13 years and have been offered a job in the same industry in Melbourne as a contract worker. Any tips on starting business and what I should ask for from my employer before I move myself and my family over?

#1 response from Mike in OZ at 08:25 on Wed, 14 December 2011

Hey, 1st off you will need to get a ABN (Australian Business Number) for tax purposes (Just like GST back home).

2. If you are in construction you have every 2nd Monday off (Called a RDO - Roster'd day off) you don't get paid.

3. If you work at a union site and it rains you don't get paid as they put down tools and go home

4. You can claim center-link (just like WINZ)

What industry are you in and i'll find out more for you.


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