Posted by eager to move on 09/08/2011

Builder Husband going to Sydney - what's the best way to get his tools over there??

Hi All, my husband has a job in Sydney to go to. As said earlier he is a builder and needs to take some of his tools with him. Any suggestions for the easiest way to get his tools across with him would be appreciated.

#1 response from graciedeska at 04:34 on Fri, 12 August 2011

How many tools does he have and how much do they weigh? If he needs them urgently he could use a service like UPS. If he is able to wait a 2-3 weeks, it would be cheaper to send them by sea with a company like Crown. Also take a look at services by Pack & Send:

#2 response from Bob The Builder at 04:52 on Thu, 20 September 2012

I used Pack & Send to send my tools to Perth about 12 months ago. They only took about a week on thier air freight service and cost about $800 for a 100Kg tool box. Great people to deal with.

#3 response from Mel86 at 21:42 on Wed, 13 February 2013

I was just about to post the same question as my partner is a builder and we want to ship his tools to Brisbane - thank you!!

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