Posted by entrepreneur on 30/06/2011

Setting up own business in South Australia

Has anyone set up their own business in South Australia? How did you go about it - especially if you are not an Aussie PR or citizen? Is the cost more for Kiwis? Or is it better to wait until you get PR, then set up your own business? Or does owning your own business give you merit for a PR application?

#1 response from graciedeksa at 23:51 on Mon, 4 July 2011

Hi there, We have a business in Victoria and it's been relatively straight forward setting it up - fairly similar to NZ in many ways. You don't need to have Australian PR or citizenship as a Kiwi to do this. Owning a business would be to your benefit for a PR application, as it gives you another category of permanent visa you can potentially apply for. This website is useful to learn the ropes for getting started: Finding a good accountant will also save you a lot of hassel.

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