Posted by theblairs on 21/06/2011

Should I take my daughter out of year 11 ( NCEA) now (June) or wait till end of year?

My daughter is in year 11 doing ncea. We are wanting to move to Queensland but am worried about her not finishing the year out. Is ncea worth anything in oz? what year will she be in in 2012 year 11 again or 12? what happens if she returns to nz not finishing her ncea? school is so important i need to get this right.

#1 response from answer at 03:13 on Wed, 22 June 2011

Aus don't have "Year 13" like NZ. They go up to Year 12 = 7th form. There school system is slightly different than NZ. It may be best to let your daughter finish the year off in NZ as there may be complications with all the "Year #" and the results/transfer. But then again, there may be no issues. In my opinion, moving her mid way through the year will be stressful and affect her studying - like any other teenager, she'll be worried about fitting in the AU, new friends etc etc and this usually results in school work suffering.

#2 response from Belle at 19:51 on Sat, 5 November 2011

Thanks for that, my daughter is in the exact same situation and we're looking to move to Brissy in the New Year 2012. She's finishing NCEA (level 1) now and looks as is she'll be a Year 11 in AU again which suits her needs I think as she was a bit nervous about having to finish school at the end of 2012 after only 4 years at Secondary School

#3 response from k1w1intheno at 00:50 on Thu, 5 September 2013

I know this is a little late but the right decision is to remain in school in nz. it's too hard on the kids as the system is vastly different and not the right time to be throwing your children into the deep end. If they can't get into the course of their choice after completing ncea (there is a lot of competition here) there is always other avenues such as a Certificate iv or diploma at a local tafe which gives you concession to get into Uni in the following year after.Good luck.

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