Posted by Steve on 16/02/2008

Can I drive in Australia on a NZ or UK drivers licence?

If so, for how long? Do I have to take a driving test in Australia?

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For the latest information on converting your NZ license to an Australian one, in whichever state or territory you have moved to, see our post on driving in Australia.

We update it regularly to keep up with any changes in the requirements for converting your NZ license.

#1 response from Kiwi_Chick at 23:57 on Mon, 18 February 2008

Yes - but only for 3 months. You should check with the state related road authority (i know Victoria is if you are on a full licence you should not have to re-sit the test, if you are on a restricted or limited licence you may depending on age etc.

#2 response from KJ at 10:36 on Thu, 28 April 2011

Yes. only for 3 months then you must sit the test for that state. (Note driving test just test via computer) at the RTA

#3 response from SD at 14:01 on Fri, 29 July 2011

In Victoria:
On an NZ license you need to apply within 3 months.
On a UK license you have 6 months to apply.
It takes up to a couple of weeks to book an appointment.
At the appointment a form is provided, eye test completed and your photo taken - a paper license is given to you and you receive your existing UK or NZ license back.
Small fee ($43 or so for 3 years).

#4 response from GC Couple at 12:27 on Mon, 18 June 2012

Converted our NZ licence to Qld one, filled out the forms on the first day in the GC, gave 100 points of ID, got a paper licence on the spot, plastic one arrived in the mail 8 days later $120 and no tests, EASY.

#5 response from Lamon at 10:53 on Sun, 9 September 2012

We are moving to Brisbane and am currently on a restricted licence NZ and understand i can use my NZ licence for three months but once that three months is up do they transfer to a restricted queensland licence or do i need to resit a test, any help would be greatly appreciated.

#6 response from dave2013 at 08:54 on Mon, 10 September 2012

What about newzealand truck licenses?.Are they that easy?.

#7 response from Kaitia2Melbs at 11:58 on Fri, 31 May 2013

I reckon Victoria is the easier state to convert your license. Yes, you get 3 months driving on arrival until you convert it.
If you have a NZ Full....less restrictions than restricted or learner
**Make an appointment with VicRoads...rock up...'BANG'...Full Vic..(only a few Common ID bullshit such as your NZ Full, Certificate of Particulars, Passport, something with your Vic address such as a utility bill but not really, but yeh nah, probably aye, Bank card, etc

GO TO THE VicRoad Website CHECK THE FINER DETAILS THOUGH, BUT JUST THE ID REQUIREMENTS, IT'S PRETTY STRAIGHT FOWARD AND EASY........excuse the over exaggerated kiwi slang but I know first hand from my experience when I first landed in Melbs.

If you got a NZ Restricted....restricted just a little bit:-/ but some cops are sweet as cuzz.:-D
Same process but I know first hand you need a Certificate of Particulars, your NZ Restricted, Passport, Bank card. But like I say, check the web site and check the finer details.

With restricted license holders, if your over the age of 25 and have held a restricted for 5 years or more since you were 18. Then YEAH BOY!!! straight to a full bro, even if the license is expired no more than 5 year,,,,still sweet....

Learner license??! I can't be bothered, I came in with a restricted walk out with a full ;-D

Also with the 3 month deal before converting.........I was on a NZ Restricted for a year I only changed because it expired after that year.......the 3 month recounts again if you went back to NZ.....when I got waved at a random check point, I always said I been here for 2 months.......what the po po gonna do??. Call the airline? Nah cuzz

#8 response from Meg at 04:03 on Fri, 25 July 2014

Does anyone know the regs for NZ Full licence holders moving to Melbourne?

#9 response from I live in melbourne at 13:05 on Mon, 24 November 2014

you can drive on a nz licence for 3 months, you need to get from the NZ transport agency (which you can get online) 1 letter of "Demerit point and Offence History" and 1 letter of "Certificate of particulars." make an appointment at VICroads pay a heap of money and you have yourself a licence. cant remember what else you need but you can find it all on vicroads site and or give them a call

#10 response from westwardHo at 00:21 on Sat, 20 December 2014

Does anyone know how hard/easy it is in WA ?

#11 response from Sorting at 06:36 on Thu, 12 November 2015

We're moving to Brisbane I have a full NZ licence how do I convert that to a Queensland licence? Much appreciated.

#12 response from MrDoug at 03:04 on Tue, 15 December 2015

I have Class 2 NZ License will have class 4 when i go to Australia.

How does it work to get Aussie equivalent ?

#13 response from Johnson at 23:04 on Wed, 18 July 2018

Does any one know how to transfer drivers endorsement from new Zealand to Australia?

#14 response from IsildursHeir at 10:21 on Thu, 14 February 2019

Any experience for converting NZ Restricted to NSW? Do I need a Certificate of Particulars?

#15 response from Bello at 00:41 on Wed, 11 August 2021

Question: I have full NZ license, and reside in NSW at the moment have only been here for 6 weeks. My question is: what if you are in one state and move to another state after the initial 3 months of changing to an Australian license? What is the criteria? Does it affect your license if so?

#16 response from Aucklander at 08:43 on Thu, 12 January 2023

I have full NZ driver licence, but I have 70 demerit points from my licence. I would like to move to Brisbane and I want to know can those demerit points affect to transfer NZ driver licence to Australian driver licence?

#17 response from Aucklander at 05:22 on Sat, 14 January 2023

I have full NZ driver licence, but I have 70 demerit points from my licence. I would like to move to Brisbane and I want to know can those demerit points affect to transfer NZ driver licence to Australian driver licence?
Sorry, I repeat again same question because I didn’t link my email with page.
Please if you can answer it again, coz can’t read your previous respond.
Thank you for your time and kindness.

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