Posted by audrey on 20/04/2011

Moving to Sydney! Husband has a job transfer - any info on areas to live? He will be working in Artamon but travel not a problem. Looking for good schools for a 16-yr-old boy into technology and science. Any inside info as we know no-one in Sydney but are up for the adventure!

#1 response from Moviefan at 04:40 on Sat, 31 December 2011

Did you move??? I've posted lots n this...we did it in May 2010. Moved to Strathfield.

#2 response from Blue at 05:24 on Thu, 29 March 2012

Hi, Audrey
Hope this isn't too late a reply. Every school will give you a brouchure and every school tells you their academic achievements- but the people who really know what a school is like is the students. There are different schools in Sydney (boys only and co-ed) which are of different focus areas (some focus on science while others focus on the arts). You may know that the HSC (the exam which will give you a mark which will allow you into university) is ranked (the ranking is difficult to understand- even for most Australian citizens, if you want I can attempt to explain). Based on the marks of the students, the school are ranked (James Ruse is almost always at the top- a selective school), here are the 2011 school ranks:


Good luck

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