Posted by Trerus on 04/12/2010

I'm moving from NZ to Australia. What do I need to take from my children's NZ schools so they can start school in Australia?

#1 response from graciedeska at 00:09 on Mon, 6 December 2010

Hi, I did a quick online check about this and it looks like you only need your children's birth certificates, immunisation certificate (for primary school), proof of address and possibly passports as well. It is useful for secondary schools to see past reports and/or work, but it may not be essential.
For more information, I would recommend taking a look at http://www.myschool.ed...
All the best!

#2 response from BP at 00:58 on Fri, 28 December 2012

You will most likely be asked for the past couple of years of school reports from your NZ school .
Also , if the school has a zone you have to be able to show you live in it , ie rental agreement ,
power bill etc .

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