Posted by nbxz on 05/11/2007

I want to ship my car from NZ to Brisbane. How much will it cost?

#1 response from Me!! at 02:55 on Thu, 8 November 2007

I know someone who was looking into it and it was going to cost around $4000 for the shipping etc. Then there was insurance on top and then the cost of getting it road worthy in Aus. They say it isn't worth it unless you have a unique car that is worth a lot of $$. Fords and Holdens are cheap here.

#2 response from Kiwi_Chick at 23:40 on Mon, 18 February 2008

You also need to pay a % percentage of teh landed value, plus fumigation of teh container once it is in customs, you then pay customs duty, and it sometimes depends on who you get at customs this end! As me!! said above - ensure you have investigated the value your car will be once it gets here, becasue it is expensive!!!

#3 response from donnyb at 03:51 on Wed, 19 January 2011

hi. this site has answered nearly all our questions thank u so much. does anyone know how much it will cost to ship our 2 vehicles in a container from Wgtn to Melbourne,Victoria. We r moving there in June.

#4 response from BP at 05:43 on Tue, 16 October 2012

It usually isn't worthwhile shipping a car to Australia as the cost is around $4000 plus another $2-3000 for duties etc the other end plus form filling is impossible!

#5 response from Baffled at 01:19 on Thu, 1 November 2012

Hi, we moved to Gold Coast in June this year. We had a 3 year old Peugeot 308 Wagon which we wanted to bring with us, but discovered that by the time we paid the 10% GST on the value the Aust. Customs put on the vehicle, plus the shipping, compliance costs etc and all the drama involved (they don't make it easy for you) it was going to cost in excess of $10,000, which made it totally unaffordable. Cut your losses unless it is a classic car, there are a lot of the small to med cars here which are not that much more expensive to buy than in NZ.

#6 response from anonymous at 19:36 on Fri, 12 April 2013

The prices are just ridiculous :( we are moving next month from auckland to Gold Coast am looking into prices to ship over our vehicle but seeing how much it cost no thanks better of selling it here and purchasing one when we arrive, thanks for the answerd questions!

#7 response from jess at 23:26 on Sun, 25 August 2013

hi I want to take my 2 vehicle from Auckland to goldcoast does any 1 has a fair idea how much it will cost

#8 response from Flissty at 06:07 on Thu, 5 September 2013

We have found that prices for vehicles here are high compared to NZ -check on websites. Shipping is also a high cost -about 7-8k for a used stationwagon size vehicle plus the hassle of getting it registered and ready to drive after it lands in a country where you are not sure where to go to do this and is very geared up for their own system -as you have to expect.
We bought a simple vehicle to use here over the last few years of living in Brisbane -2001 Nissan Pulsar Sedan LX and it cost 10K!! It has now got about 120k on it is in great condition and we will sell it when we leave again in January for about 7 or 8 hopefully.

#9 response from Shipping NZ to OZ at 23:14 on Thu, 18 September 2014

It costs around $550 to send a 20' container from China to either Oz or NZ, the shipping companies are totally ripping people off. I shipped my car using tauruslogistics, my car ended up scratched and has a rattle underneath, it was fully insured and they wouldn't pay out so DON"T USE THEM TO SHIP YOUR CAR.

I suggest dumping your car and as much of your personal belongings. It doesn't matter if you are coming to NZ or going to Oz. You can pick up so much of your stuff second hand for cheap in both countries. But the prices they charge, the stress involved, it's often better to just dump everything.

#10 response from janetta at 01:39 on Thu, 15 January 2015 sounds expensive

I just got a quote from Taurus Logistics to ship my Nissan Terrano over to Brisbane for $2700

I feel really safe in my terrano (have 1 eye only-so normal car not high enough for good vision)

What other expenses should I be enquiring about-Taurus said this quote covered everything I need

#11 response from Hillbilly at 02:51 on Thu, 15 January 2015

You first need to apply for an import to Australia permit BEFORE you do anything.

Normally Aussie wont let you import a model that is on sale here.

EG they wouldnt let you import a Commodore.

If you send it over without the permission they will do 1 of several things including Send it back to NZ at your expense, seize and crush it.

So under no circumstances send it without getting the permit. Also if that model was never here parts will be a problem as very few Jap imports come here and if they do its very hard to get insurance for them.

I was going to buy a Toyota ST150 Corona here and no one would insure it for me.

Read this

#12 response from Proudkiwi at 22:43 on Mon, 2 November 2015

I have just returned from 7 years in Brissie, and I also considered shipping my car over when I left for Australia (but didn't in the end). Before you decide it costs too much, do your research on the cost of buying cars in Australia - try popular sites like As if you are looking to buy a second hand car they are so much more expensive than you would expect (and you have to pay stamp duty on any car you buy) ! I regretted not shipping my car over - as I ended up paying double what I sold my car for here in NZ (for same car make and year, but inferior model), and would rather have had my car as I knew its full history etc. Everyone's situation is different - just pointing out that to make a full informed decision you should investigate the cost of the type of car you would look to buy in Australia first.

#13 response from Hillbilly at 02:26 on Tue, 3 November 2015

Before you commit to anything GET AN IMPORT PERMIT or you might lose it if you bring it without one You wont be allowed to bring it in if you dont.

No ifs or buts
Read the link i provided

#14 response from Cumulus at 10:54 on Wed, 17 February 2016

Everything I read so far sound so complicated and costly!

Anyone have any success story with bringing their car back to Australia?

I received a quote from Taurus Logistics for "Origin costs, freight costs and destination costs" around $2500 from Wellington to Melbourne, but no mention of car Insurance?? do I need to ask them or contact insurance company myself? any other costs?

Or can anyone suggested another company? or any experience (BAD OR GOOD) with TAURUS?

#15 response from Hillbilly at 22:59 on Thu, 18 February 2016

The first thing you have to do is get an import licence from Australia BEFORE you even think of bringing it. If you land it in Aus without one they will either crush it or send it back at your expense.

No ifs or buts. Unless its an expensive or nearly new car it may not be worth it but cars in general are more expensive here than in NZ due to we dont have Jap imports.It will have to be scrupulously cleaned inside and out especially underneath or they will do it on arrival and charge you for it $300???
You will probably have to arrange Transit insurance or pay the carrier to do it same as with possessions in a container. A Google of car transporters NZ -AUS may help you.

#16 response from Rebekah G at 12:11 on Mon, 2 May 2016

Yes you absolutely need to ensure you apply for an import permit in Australia, you can do this through the department of infrastructure they have an online form. The application itself costs $50AUD. To get your car to Australia you will need to pay for a 20GP container have it packed strapped, cleaned etc before sending it. Upon arrival you will pay for port costs, customs duty and tax, as well as a clearance fee and aqis inspection, as well as unpack etc.


#17 response from Raj at 09:02 on Sun, 29 May 2016

Hello. I live in Auckland and planning an adventure of driving from NZ to India. Does anyone know if I could put my car in a ship and drive through Australia before putting it in a ship again from Darwin to Indonesia ?
Basically I am not importing a car in to Aus but just driving and eventually bringing back to NZ.

Can this be only a dream or reality ?

Any feedback is much appreciated


#18 response from Ask the correct authority at 22:28 on Sun, 29 May 2016

The only true answer is to ask Aus Customs about it. Would probably be cheaper to hire a car for that rather than pay shipping and wharfage twice. As Indonesia is also an island it seems you will be using several ships to get where you are going. Perhaps a bit more research is needed.

It is far better to ask the horses head for an answer rather than the other end if you get what I mean.

#19 response from Saskia at 02:08 on Sun, 28 August 2016

Hi great comments here but my question is about shipping a hort wheelbase coaster bus from australia to new zealand! We can drive it to any destination so really need to find out where is better to leave from and where is better to ship to ie nth or sth island we intend to do a long drive holiday any ideas comments greatfull thanks in advance.

#20 response from Sandeep at 20:29 on Sun, 9 October 2016

I'm moving from Auckland to Sydney and would like to take my Mitsubishi Outlander 2006
How much will it cost and is it worth it ?

#21 response from Henryboy at 10:37 on Mon, 17 October 2016

Hi,,greetings everyone,,I'm planning to ship my Toyota Alphard 2004 model to Brisbane from New Zealand,,it cost 19k purchase 3 years ago under my name and I've been here in Sunshine Coast for a month now,,How much probably it cost for it...thanks...just 1 car 8 seater....

#22 response from Ask the correct people at 08:33 on Wed, 26 October 2016

As far as importing a car to Australia is concerned you should ask the Customs dept.
You MUST get a licence to import BEFORE it leaves NZ as if it arrives here without one they may send it back or crush it at your cost. We can only give an opinion and you should ask the correct Govt Dept for the true answer.
Also if your car is a Jap import you may have great problems getting insurance for it in Aus. I was going to buy a Jap import when I came and couldnt get insurance for it.
Go to a forwarding company and ask them about the costs. May be able to be put in a container for a reasonable amount. Registration costs here are a lot higher A 4 cyl car costs about $700 a year for reg and compulsory 3rd party insurance in QLD.

#23 response from question at 10:38 on Sun, 27 November 2016

How much time does this processing take? Their website says 20 working days but anybody who got it before that?

#24 response from Gel at 08:25 on Sun, 22 January 2017

Hi there. I'm thinking if it's worth bringing my Nissan xtrail 2014 (7 seater) in Melbourne from auckland. I'm finding it hard to decide because I'm not getting the rough amount of how much the total expensed would cost me. Can anybody who had experienced to please help me. I'm concerned about the taxes govt fees etc.....

#25 response from Gel at 08:42 on Sun, 22 January 2017

And also what movers is the reasonable company to use pls

#26 response from graciedeska at 04:02 on Fri, 10 February 2017


I asked Crown (the company we used for our move) to help with your question on bringing the Nissan xtrail 2014 (7 seater) to Melbourne. They replied with the following:

"Hello, The following link https://infrastructure... will provide you information about importing vehicles into Australia and contacting them direct will help you determine possible taxes and fees that would apply. The cost of transporting a car depends on a number of factors including whether you have any personal belongings being sent at the same time. We'd be happy to provide a quote if you need."

We talk more about our experience using Crown here if you're interested! http://movetoaustralia...

#27 response from Read reply 22 before doing anything at 04:13 on Fri, 10 February 2017

Read my reply 22 because if you dont do what i advised you may not have a car.

#28 response from Rose at 17:28 on Sun, 9 April 2017

Hi all thanks so much for your comments, really helpful.
i am moving to Sydney from Auckland in a months time and would like to take my Merc 2015. Please tell me what difficulties I may face?, how the costs you guys mentioned here could be any different, what suitable exporting companies should i consider talking to, or is it not worth taking it at all?

#29 response from Melo at 02:35 on Sun, 15 October 2017

Does anyone know about transporting a vintage car to Australia? Mine is a 1972 Valiant Charger.

#30 response from GH at 07:39 on Tue, 24 October 2017

A 1972 would be a VETERAN not a VINTAGE and different rules may apply. The only true answer will come from Australian Customs so why don't you get in touch with them.
DO NOT under any circumstance bring it over and then apply as it must be done BEFORE it leaves the country it is in. Could be crushed or sent home at your expense if the documentation isnt done first.

#31 response from Andal at 20:03 on Mon, 20 November 2017

Hi Everyone,
Does someone know about the cost to ship my Holden from NZ to Aussie ? I'm aware of the shipping and duty costs but I've heard that as an aussie car, it won't be subject to import tax...
I doubt a bit so if anyone can help me ...

#32 response from Phoebe at 20:37 on Fri, 6 April 2018

Hi, my partner wants his tandem trailer shipped to Sydney. I see a lot of comments about vehicles but nothing about trailers. Does the same rule apply for a trailer to be shipped across and would you know about the costs?

#33 response from Van at 03:17 on Thu, 26 April 2018

Hi everyone I am moving here in July. I do realise we need a permit for import before we do anything. I just wanted opinions on whether it is worth importing a HONDA CRZ to Brisbane from Auckland or not. Considering there aren't many here and I would have to pay mega bucks to be able to get a car like that here in BNE. Any opinions/advice/ideas would be appreciated.

#34 response from Shaun at 08:00 on Thu, 31 May 2018

Hi new to the site
Any suggestions for which movers to use currently car/household
Nz to Brisbane

#35 response from Pjwg at 07:49 on Thu, 7 June 2018

I want to go back to Australia and take my car Holden Commodore VT. How much would it cost from maybe Port Taranaki to Brisbane?

#36 response from Gold Coast Resident (ExNZ) at 17:10 on Sat, 4 August 2018

So many kiwis taking cars to Brisbane!

We're the same. Moved to NZ 4 months ago, bought a car, and then got transferred to the Gold Coast for work. Seems like our car is going to get stuck! Late model premium Euro car. The price difference between NZ and AU is almost a $40,000 AUD loss to sell here, and by back in QLD.

Is there any wiggle room on the 12 month rule?

#37 response from Nibor at 02:47 on Sun, 12 August 2018

What does it cost to ship a new Kia Sportage from Auckland nz to Brisbane Aus and how long do you have to own it before they consider it yours

#38 response from C63 at 07:47 on Tue, 18 December 2018

Hi I'm looking at importing my c63 2010 to Perth from Auckland. Is it worth it? What percent of value landed do you pay? I got it cheap and have owned it for 6 months - is that an issue?

#39 response from Kit at 20:31 on Fri, 1 February 2019

Hi All.
Looking at moving to Brisbane soon, Wanting to bring my 2 cars over, both Mercedes, one is UK imported 2006 SLK55 AMG and the other 2018 A180. I have read all about the import license to OZ but it doesnt really gives me any idea about cost. Can anyonr help? Thank you.

#40 response from Toc NZ at 14:49 on Fri, 22 March 2019

I am going to move to Adelaide from Auckland,Anyone knows how much does it cost to shipping a 2013 Subaru Outback to Australia?
how to get an import permit of Australia?

#41 response from Vince at 01:48 on Sat, 30 March 2019

Hi I’m looking to buy a project in Auckland and have it shipped over to Brisbane. Jumbo 1977 Bedford. Prob worth about 5k to buy. Any ideas on costs??

#42 response from Zach at 06:03 on Wed, 12 February 2020

Hi there, we’re moving to Brisbane in 2 months.
Would it be worth to take our 8 seater Toyota estima there.
What companies to do I need to call?

#43 response from Zimbo at 07:55 on Tue, 3 November 2020

Hi, is it worth taking my 2013 Ranger and 99 BMW Z3 to Aussie from NZ. Both are mint condition.

#44 response from Srinivas at 01:48 on Tue, 1 November 2022

Hi There,

Anybody shipped their car from Auckland to Brisbane, I am thinking to move my corolla sedan, want to know the price and steps, Thank you

#45 response from Suz at 00:59 on Wed, 30 November 2022


Am looking at shipping my nissan navara 2018 ute to sydney, wondering if its worth it or the shipping cost, duty and tax be too expensive.

#46 response from Dunedin at 20:52 on Fri, 31 March 2023

Hi there we are looking at relocating to Brisbane and taking a toyota off road buggy plus motorbike has anyone had any experience relocating these? Cheers Dunedin

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