Posted by clint on 20/10/2007

Do you have to get a new IRD number to take to Australia? If so, how do you get it?

#1 response from melbourne_maven at 15:05 on Mon, 22 October 2007

Hi Clint - yes, you do under most (all?) circumstances. The Australian equivalent on an IRD number is a Tax File Number (TFN) and it is discussed elsewhere on this page. See this link: http://movetoaustralia... for more info about how to apply for one.

#2 response from Kiwi_Chick at 23:39 on Mon, 18 February 2008

Best thing to do is apply for one before you leave NZ on the site as above. Once you are here you can only work 28 days on your normal tax bracket (as calculated by your employer) before they have to tax you at 45%!!!! tax offie is alot more efficient in answering the phone than NZ - but it took us 20 days to get our TFN's and I was getting nervous!!

#3 response from Nimbus at 09:08 on Fri, 23 May 2008

As I understand it you have to actually be on Australian soil before you can apply for a TFN. So can't apply until you get there.

#4 response from wAiWaiKATo at 07:37 on Mon, 28 September 2009

Yeah..Ive been trying to get TFN online here in we dont have to wait 2-3 weeks jobless ova there....the site TFN sayz.. I MUST be in Oz before applying...what's the use of online form's...when I applied online ..i figured, they must no, your'e not in OZ wen you put passport number in???..has anyone else tried and succeded?? HELP

and this site is AWSUMMM and has helPed us OUT heaps.....thankz

#5 response from nz surfer at 02:30 on Thu, 15 October 2009

I am still trying to find a non spam site that will let me apply online for a TFN(tax file number) without me being in Australia.As I don't want to be jobless when I get over there waiting gor a couple of weeks for the TFN.
Does anyone have any suggestions please help!!

#6 response from Dan at 23:12 on Sat, 23 January 2010

You do have to wait until you are in Australia to get a tax file number. If you go in( not sure where? - court house/ council maybe?) you get your tax file number on the spot.

#7 response from johne at 11:25 on Thu, 25 March 2010

you dont have to be jobless waiting for a tfn. get your job, your employer asks for your tfn or a declaration to say you will get it in 28 days. done

#8 response from TR2GC at 22:06 on Thu, 25 August 2011

WOW! This site is so awesome, thanks to everyone for the answers to our dying questions. I love Australia can't wait to move here.

#9 response from Maori Girl at 01:14 on Mon, 10 October 2011

I arrived in QLD oct 2008, I applied for my TFN before I left NZ. I think now tho you can't apply for it online anymore cos I tried to do it for my Mother and I couldn't.

#10 response from Mike in OZ at 02:17 on Thu, 8 December 2011

A TFN for me was alot harder than my wifes, I was born here but lived all my life in NZ, I arrived on my Ozzie passport, but I could not apply online for a tax number - I had to go in to the "Shop front" and produce all my original docs - passport, birth cert, etc, my wife however is a kiwi and applied online and within 2 weeks it arrived, the reason why hers arrived so much faster than mine is that when you fill out the form online it asks you for your passport number, your passport is checked as you arrive into the country and all the verification is done.


#11 response from flissty at 03:33 on Thu, 12 January 2012

You need an Australian one and you can;t apply before they see you have actully entered the country. IR website really clear just follow the links for the forms and you will have a number in days. Of course. For other things it can be longer...much much longer....

#12 response from nzgal at 23:11 on Thu, 23 February 2012

I spoke to I.R.D today and they said if I am in perth for less than 325 days I remain a NZ tax resident. I don't know yet how long I wish to be over there so it's all a bit confusing! I'm no good with this stuff. Who can I see upon arrival to help with this? Any help appreciated :)

#13 response from Jackie at 01:47 on Sat, 19 January 2013

Hi guys,

Im actually considering moving to Australia preferably Brisbane, and I'm slightly confused, so I've been told to apply for a TFN before I move to Australia, but Ill make sure I have a job sussed before I move over there etc, as soon as I land which may be in a few months, should I go straight to a court house and apply? I need help with this sort of stuff, and I also was wondering what bank I should go with like for example, which one has the lowest interest rate etc.

Can you guys give me advice please, it will be a lot of help?

Thanks :)

#14 response from teesol at 07:40 on Tue, 29 January 2013

Im moving over in 3 weeks, Have transferred my money to my Aus bank acctt and lost out on $1600 when converting the NZ $ to the AUS $.. Soooooo Guttered!!

Ive been trying to apply online for my TFN so when I arrive i shouldnt have to wait that long, but the website keeps saying its down...

Ive heard you dont need to apply becos if you do score a job asap whilst arriving the employer gives you 28days!

Im not sure what the interest rate is at commonwealth bank, but easy as to get your bank acct.. Helen rings you in NZ and susses it out for you...

Good luck

#15 response from Ram at 09:30 on Thu, 31 January 2013

Guttered for you teesol - read Converting Your Money To Australian Dollars on http://movetoaustralia...

#16 response from Kiwi--pan at 04:36 on Sat, 23 July 2016

Hi, I'm planning to move Australia. I'm a NZ citizen so what should I have to do? How can I get permanent residence in Australia? How can transfer my money from NZ to Australia. Can I buy any property in Australia? What benefit can I get?

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