Posted by Ashleigh on 02/05/2010

Need suggestions about moving to/living in Adelaide

Hi, I am seriously considering the move to Australia and feel that Adelaide would be a good place to start for my wife and two kids (5 & 2). We are currently living in rural south island and think that Adelaide would be a better place for us to get settled into and be able to afford a nice lifestyle etc. What I would like to know is what areas or surburbs people would recommend for a typical family of four, that are close to the beach and within an easy commute to the city with good schools etc. We would be looking around the $350k mark for a 3 bedroom plus house (I will be working close to the city centre). I appreciate your advice on the above or any other relevant info or suggestions about living / moving to Adelaide. Cheers.

#1 response from graciedeska at 23:27 on Mon, 8 November 2010

Hi Ashleigh,

I haven't visited Adelaide but I have heard it is very similar to Christchurch, NZ in terms of size. You might these guides and discussions useful:
http://www.expatfocus.... is also very handy for looking at properties for sale.


#2 response from barossakiwi at 02:26 on Sun, 26 December 2010

the northern suburbs of adelaide Elizabeth, Salisbury etc aren't too nice. Traffic is generally fine, nothing like Auckland for example as there are alot of roads to choose from. $350k might get you into Adelaide at the lower end of the market but I'm certainly no expert. You could also build for that but maybe not in your favourite area, and it would take one year. If you're from the rural area you might also like the Adelaide hills. its a drive every day but not considered long commute over here. Plenty of people working in the Barossa commute from the city, for example.

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