Posted by roony on 20/02/2009

I'm a chef from India and a permanent resident in Australia. I want to open a takeaway shop - what should I do first?

Just want to ask - do I need to register anywhere else or do I need a licence for that? If yes then where should I contact?

#1 response from lol at 12:08 on Sat, 13 March 2010

maybe starting looking at how to make Roti Burger first

#2 response from avatar at 05:57 on Wed, 20 April 2011

Hi. good move. Strating a business as a permanent resident is so much easier than a non resident. Even better is being self employed in a foreign country. Congratulations.good decision. You will need to apply for an ABN Number . Visit the austrailian government website. The website prompts new business owners into starting a business. Goodluck

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