Posted by kirshoop on 15/01/2009

Can anyone suggest some nice, reasonably-priced suburbs in Melbourne to buy a house in for around $380K - $420K?

We have been looking on and really like the look of Kingsville, Footscray, Seddon and Newport - although I have heard that those areas are rough?? The houses are lovely Victorian villas, around $400K. Anyone that can provide any input or knowledge of this area?

#1 response from shazandy at 04:42 on Mon, 21 June 2010

I have heard that Footscray is not the place to go. We are moving in October and going to Point Cook, stayed there in march with my brother and it was an awesome suburb.

#2 response from kellykiwi at 03:51 on Tue, 21 December 2010

hi there, look in the deer park caroline springs region if you find the right area amongst the bad ones you'll be pretty happy i'd suggest albanvale its where i live lots of nzrs and older people and too far outer the city for people to party then head to the clubs hahah so they start closer to the city (drinking etc) hope that helps

#3 response from jannas at 06:01 on Tue, 28 December 2010

There's nothing wrong with Seddon and Newport. Close to Williamstown Beach and easy access to the centre of the city straight over the Westgate. I have been commuting back and forth for over 2 years and am finally making the move permanently and will be living in Newport.
Parts of Footscray are pretty rough. There tends to be a high population of African and Asian refugees in this area and racial tension can at times be high. However I shop and eat out here quite a lot and have never had a problem. Depends what you like I guess.

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