Posted by Artemis on 17/11/2008

Can I get a student loan if I have permanent residence in Australia?

#1 response from Lisa at 08:09 on Sun, 9 June 2013

Hi, I have just gotten PR in australia, and I have been told I am not entitled to a student fee help. it sucks!

#2 response from Strata at 06:39 on Tue, 9 July 2013

I think you are wrongly informed. If you are a permanent resident and went through all the procedures for that you do qualify for a student loan.
You do not qualify if you are a NZ citizen. They can enter and work and study in Australia and pay a lot taxes but hardly qualify for anything. This is very wrong as Aussies are very generously treated in NZ and qualify for everything. The tale that there are so many Kiwi's in oz is wrong too, as each country have 2% of their people being Kiwi or Oz.
So, it depends on your citizenship and on the type of visa/permanent residency you have.

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