Posted by Slim on 23/10/2008

Thinking of doing my first year of university in Brisbane

Has anyone else done something like this? Is it worth it compared to NZ?

Thanks heaps

#1 response from mayflower at 22:31 on Tue, 28 October 2008

keep in mind that while you qualify for domestic fees, you can't get any student loans or allowances without permanent residency or citizenship. I'm moving to Brisbane to study too. If you haven't already applied for 2009 intake, do so now as it's already a late application. visit they are the ones you apply to, not directly to the universities. It works different to NZ and there's no guarantee of getting in to the courses the way there is for most degrees in NZ.
Depending on what you're planning to study, the Brisbane unis may be more internationally recognised for your subject than NZ unis, but you would need to research that. A lot depends on what degree you want and also what you want to do with your degree and where.

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