Posted by Greasemonkey on 17/08/2017

What to expect taking tools to auz?

First off, do I need to disinfect my tools? I've already polished and buffed most of what I own. I'm planning on taking all my hand tools over in a small one-handle tin tool box. I've read a lot of horror stories but I need my tools as I'm a mechanic by trade and these are my bread and butter for my family. Also, what am I to expect cost-wise? I can confirm weight here tomorrow once I get the rest cleaned.

#1 response from Dave - kiwi in Aus at 11:32 on Wed, 30 August 2017

I had no problem doing same. Tools of trade are allowed. Ring NZ customs

#2 response from Greasemonkey at 04:45 on Thu, 31 August 2017

Thanks for that mate. Is it at an extra cost?

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