Posted by Bailey on 14/02/2017

Moving to Australia pregnant


My Australian husband and I are looking to move to Australia at the end of the year, from Switzerland.

We would like to start trying for a baby but are worried that it's not a good idea financially. I have a spouse visa and I'm currently working full time in Switzerland. Once we arrive in sunny Australia will I be covered my medicare? and will I be able to touch parental leave or will I be allegeable for any financial help? If not how long will I have to be working before I can take parental leave?

Thank you for your help :)

#1 response from Mon & G at 11:19 on Fri, 22 September 2017

Hi there

I'm not sure what date you are moving but I am pretty certain if you have the child in Australia you can receive benefits/Medicare etc.
I'm not sure if I can post links here but the Australia Government website can answer this.
Good luck with your move!

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