Posted by tanya on 22/09/2008

Child disability allowance in Australia

We have 2 kids, one with a disability. Do you know if you get more disability entitlements in Australia than in New Zealand?

#1 response from forgalnz at 04:07 on Tue, 9 December 2008

we recently moved over to australia and you cannot get a disability allownace at all. i got one in nz but here it is diffrent. all you can get is the fam assistance and rent assistance and that is it.hope this helps

#2 response from lulubell at 00:48 on Sun, 25 January 2009

If u are seriously connsidering taking your disabled kids and do not intend on working forget it.My sister inlaw spent 5 years trying to get government funding even though she was a NZ citizen.I honestly think you should be working to support your family and maybe that will help.This was her problem she couldn't work as he needed fulltime care but they don't care about that.

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