Posted by Bettina on 28/10/2016

AusMove vs Crown; Has anyone used AusMove?

There seems to be a lot of positive feedback on Crown. But what about AusMove? Their website sounds very specialized for NZers moving to Australia. They also say they offer competitive pricing, but most of these sites claim that. Would love to know more. And if you picked Crown in the end, what was your reason?

Thanks heaps!

#1 response from Dave - kiwi in Aus at 12:18 on Wed, 30 August 2017

We used Aus move 5 months ago they were fantastic and reliable. Haven't used crown

#2 response from Bettina at 04:54 on Thu, 31 August 2017

Thanks Dave. We made it to Melbourne 4-5 months ago and ended up using Crown too! They are worth the price. They were so efficient too!

#3 response from Janice at 20:39 on Tue, 26 March 2019

I found that crown was a lot more expensive but went with them because they were the same company on the other side. My goods sat in NZ for months and it didnt ship. I then contracted Ausmove to pick up my goods from crown and they were on a shipping container within a couple of weeks - This was a number of years ago but if i ever move back it will be with Ausmove

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