Posted by kship on 17/09/2008

Is there such a thing as a living away from home allowance for New Zealanders?

I have a house and business in NZ but will be heading to Australia indefinitely. I've heard I may be able to get a subsidy on my accommodation while living there: LAFHA or something like that. But I can't find it anywhere?

#1 response from mayflower at 01:53 on Thu, 18 September 2008

There is a living away from home allowance for students not living in a parental home, but i have not heard of any other type of allowance by that name. Alternatively, the allowance may be something that is available to employees certain organisations (i.e. army, police, some companies etc) who are required to live away from their normal residence for work purposes.
Access to any kind of financial aid would be largely dependent on things like the purpose of your trip.

#2 response from Fieldes at 11:34 on Fri, 12 March 2010

Checkout this site: http://www.freespirit....

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