Posted by murphy on 02/09/2008

Can I take my chef knives with me to Australia?

Do I just declare them?

#1 response from mayflower at 02:23 on Mon, 29 September 2008

check with the airlines/customs in aussie as to what the system is. I remember seeing specific information about chef kinves going in to australia, but didn't pay much attention to it since it doesn't apply to me. From what I skim read, they would need to be declared.

#2 response from tepairi at 03:56 on Fri, 30 April 2010

my husband is a butcher and when we moved to brisbane last year he just claimed them at the airport.there were no problems and it was quite a shock really they would let anyone take that many knives....anyhow i dont know if things have changed but id just ask the airlines

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