Posted by Evelyn Arnold on 19/08/2008

Where there any household items you were not allowed to take into Australia?

#1 response from ukkoru at 11:15 on Fri, 5 June 2009

I come back to NZ from Queensland 6 months ago. We took all our household furniture with us. Australia will try to put you off taking anything cane, but so long as all your belongings are really clean, free from dust, cobwebs, bora etc (really go overboard with the cleaning) you can take it all.

#2 response from sillybuga at 01:58 on Sun, 26 December 2010

our moving costs were paid for so we could take the whole household. we chose not to take over garden equipment, tent or the bbq because weren't sure how strict they were going to be and would have had to clean alot of gear. We took the lawnmower but spent alot of time scrubbing it clean. all the stuff came through fine, all items potentially dodgy from a bugs/dirt perspective were opened for inspection.
The moving company said old whiteware can't come because of the old style refrigerants that are damaging to the environment. We had a fridge 8 years old and a newer freezer and they were fine but I would check if yours are older.
get a free quote from a moving company, even if you don't intend to use them they will be able to look at your gear and let you know what can come over.

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