Posted by Nananet on 02/02/2015

Is it possible to have NZ super switched to Australia?

We would like to live in Australia to be near children and grandchildren. Is it possible to have our superannuation paid in Australia? Are there any things to be wary of?

#1 response from Garry at 00:00 on Mon, 7 March 2016

Your super is transferable and is proportionally fixed by the NZ and Australian appropriate government depts. After moving to Au you need to apply to Centrelink Hobart 0800441248 for application for superannuation within 26mths of arrival who then send you forms to complete.
According to Centrelink today, if you have an income equivalent of less than $74921Au and a home not greater than $1,156,000 Au then you are able to receive the Australian Super of $684pfn per person. Refer

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