Posted by Greenvan on 27/04/2014

Is 55 too old to re locate to Australia from NZ and will I qualify for an Australian pension?

#1 response from Flissty at 08:38 on Mon, 5 May 2014

Hi Greenvan -in short -no it is not too old. In my opinion. Moving anywhere though depends on what you have to do with your time, how much money you have who you know ,where etc. You need to think about what you would live in and do I guess.
No, you will not qualify for the Austrlaian pension unless you are an Australian citizen. And that is a status that is hard to gain unless you immediately fit one of the categories they want (check the Aus Immigration website for these) and even if you do fit one of those, it is an expensive and lengthy process ( years). If you are a NZ citizen and meet the criteria outlined on the Income Support website for NZ superannuation you will get that in NZ or Australia (from age 65 at the moment). If you are in Australia, they will pay you the same amount as you would get in NZ but in Aus currency. Not the Aus pension amount.

Hope that answers your question.

#2 response from linda at 09:53 on Fri, 17 October 2014

My mother and father are thinking about immigrating to Australia they are both 74 yrs old to live with me. I am not a citizen of Australia but have lived and worked here in Australia since 2002. Can they come and live with me and still receive the pension from the NZ government and or will they qualify for any pension when they get here in Australia

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