Posted by Greenvan on 27/04/2014


Is my kiwi saver transferable? If not whats the process?

#1 response from Flissty at 08:42 on Mon, 5 May 2014

Suggest you google this very question -lots of answers to it there. Also look at the conditions of whichever Kiwisaver financial institution you are with.

#2 response from guddymate at 13:19 on Mon, 24 November 2014

You have to ring your NZ super provider up and ask them who they can recommend. Each provider has made arrangements with Commonwealth countries to accept foreign supers, though you still have to ring them up and ask them as it is not compulsory for them to accept.
Here are a few my super provided me with though a lot of them charge fees and if you do't work they make you get insurance.
dot com dot au at the end:
and Lucrf.

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