Posted by anon on 03/06/2008

How to find schools in Australia

How do you go about finding schools for your children in Australia? What do you need to do first?

#1 response from ally at 11:37 on Sat, 27 June 2009

Go to the relevant state department of education websites and they will have a list of schools in your area. Also the Catholic Education Office in your chosen state will also have a list of schools.

#2 response from BP at 01:07 on Fri, 28 December 2012

I would choose the area you want to live in first then see how the school is described on the website . Sometimes a 'drive past' can be useful . I picked out a school in Coffs Harbour for my 12 year old and was put off when I saw a group of teenagers smoking cigarettes in the main entrance !

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