Posted by Eldogg on 26/05/2008

I am a university student in New Zealand and my partner and I would like to move to Australia

Can I take up study over there the same as I have in NZ, or will I be classed as an international student?

#1 response from Holly-t at 06:37 on Tue, 17 June 2008

You will be able to have a commonwealth-supported place most likely, which means the same fees as Autralians, but you will hav to pay your fees up front as we are not eligible for the loan scheme here. As far as I can tell fees cost about the same here as in NZ but it does vary between universities so check each ones website and they usually have a fee calculator to help you work them out.

#2 response from Tim at 13:36 on Fri, 3 July 2009

The uni fees in aussie a little bit more than NZ e.g Business Degree is $5000 in new zealand and in australia it is $8000 and you are consided a domestic student. In Australa you dont apply direct to the university you have to apply through a tertiary admissions center e.g qtac for queensland

#3 response from missmg at 09:31 on Thu, 28 April 2011

If the institution is commonwealth-supported, you will not be considered an international student and will pay the same fees as Australians. But no you can't get a loan to pay for it. I have personally decided to transfer to a distance-learning institution (eg. The Open Polytechnic, Massey University) to continue my studies and still be eligable for New Zealand student loan, and it is possible to still get a student allowance if as a tertiary student, you are:
•enrolled with at a tertiary education provider in New Zealand
•studying a programme that's approved by the Tertiary Education Commission.

#4 response from VAI at 05:30 on Sat, 9 July 2011

hi there i am massey university student correct me if i am wrong, but if i was to move over to australia i can still get acess to a student load in new zealand?
well i only have a year left of my studies next year, but wanting to move over in the next couple of months.
please get back asap

#5 response from lilbear at 00:31 on Mon, 11 July 2011

I was wanting to do the same thing, I studied at Vic and only have a year to go. The only way you can keep getting your NZ allowance is if you do an overseas exchange, not transfer your degree, the only problem with that is you can't do third year papers on an exchange only 1st and 2nd so doesn't really work for your last year.

#6 response from Sarah at 16:14 on Fri, 23 March 2012

Hi, I am currently a distance student from Massey. Am I able to continue my distance studies in Aussie?

#7 response from Georgia at 08:03 on Thu, 26 June 2014

Hi I am currently studying at Massey university but would like to start attending University in Australia, I understand that I will need to pay fees upfront to pay domestic fees but I have completed one year at Massey and was wondering if my credits are transferable or if I have to start my degree again from year 1? can anyone help me?

#8 response from nz to aus at 08:10 on Sat, 6 December 2014

Hi sir I am Jagdeep singh . I am living in newzealand from 3 month on student visa .
so, sir I have one question ???...
When I will go to Australia for tourist visa so I take study in Australia or not . its possible or no. Plz give me answer I am waiting for ur answer


#9 response from Pema at 08:14 on Thu, 6 February 2020

Hello, I am an international student currently doing her PGD in NewZealand. After completion of my course, can I transfer my credits and continue my masters in an Australian University?

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